Who designs a tram road? How is a tunnel constructed? What is not allowed at the construction site? Answers to these as well as other questions of the youngest ones concerning construction of a tram road will be provided during workshops “Little Masters – to Mistrzejowice by tram”.

Free workshops are organized in kindergartens and lower grades of primary schools located in Mistrzejowice, Prądnik Czerwony and Czyżyny districts. The first workshops will take place on 27 May, under the sanitary regime.
They are organized as part of information and promotion measures related to the project of construction of a new Kraków Fast Tram road (KST IV). Through play and attractive presentation way, they stimulate imagination and increase social awareness among kids attending educational institutions in the neighborhood of the planned project.
This school year, workshops will be conducted in those schools and kindergartens which, once invited by the organizer, were the first to volunteer to participate in this event. The plan is to continue the program during the holiday period and in school year 2021/22. Applications should be sent to malimistrzowie@gulermak.pl.

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