Summary of September work

The third month of construction of the tramway to Mistrzejowice is behind us. We started work on the construction of the underground stop “Polsad Roundabout” and prepared the area for the new traffic organization. What else did we accomplish in September?

Major changes in traffic organization on Lublańska Street, Młyńska Street and Bora Komorowskiego Avenue

The new traffic organisation will be in force from 21 October. Road closures and constrictions will occur on Lublańska Street, Młyńska Street, Bora Komorowskiego Avenue and, from mid-November at the earliest, also on Meissner Street.

Difficulties at Polsad Roundabout

This Thursday and Friday, October 12 and 13, drivers will face difficulties at the Polsadu Roundabout. The temporary lane closures will be related to the transport of technical equipment. 

October Construction Council with public participation

On Thursday, October 5, the second Construction Council took place with the participation of the public side. We have compiled for you a summary of the answers to the questions asked by councilors and residents.

We have completed conducting an inventory of buildings and apartments

As construction work on the underground stop and tunnel has commenced, we have concluded the acceptance of applications from individuals interested in inspecting buildings and apartments within the project’s impact area. Since July, we have successfully inventoried nearly 500 apartments.

Work has begun on the construction of the underground Polsad Roundabout stop

Site preparation is slowly coming to an end. In mid-September, work began on the construction of the underground Polsad Roundabout stop, and at the beginning of this week we started sinking the diaphragm walls. What exactly are we doing at this stage and how is the excavation being carried out?

Closed lanes and constrictions at Polsad Roundabout

Starting Thursday, October 5, further modifications will be implemented to the temporary traffic arrangements in connection with the construction of the tramway to Mistrzejowice. Road closures and lane restrictions will be in effect around the Polsad Roundabout area.

Overnight emergency occupation of Polsad Roundabout roadway

During the night of September 27-28, an emergency occupation of the Polsad Roundabout roadway was conducted. The purpose of this operation was to ensure the continued functionality of the underground infrastructure.

Construction site report July/August 2023

The construction of a 4.5-kilometer tram route to Mistrzejowice is well underway, with plans to put it into operation by 2025. Recent weeks have been dedicated to intensive site preparation, the reconstruction of underground infrastructure, and the establishment of a site for the future track construction.

The second month of work is behind us

The construction of the tramway to Mistrzejowice is making significant progress. The project site is now being prepared for the foundational work. So, what progress has been achieved in the second month since the work began?

Buildings to be inspected until the end of September

Anyone desiring an inspection of properties within the construction impact zone can request one until the end of September. Below, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about these inspections.

Difficulties on Dobrego Pasterza Street

This coming Monday, September 4, residents of Kraków will face temporary difficulties in crossing Dobrego Pasterza Street. Preparatory work will be carried out in connection with the construction of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice.

Location of stops on the route to Mistrzejowice

Although the construction of the tramway route to Mistrzejowice has only just begun, and its completion is scheduled for the end of 2025, from the perspective of public transport passengers the most important and most frequently asked question is: where will the new tramway stops be located? We bring you the answers.

Changes in parking at the intersection of Bohaterów Wietnamu and Młyńska Streets

Work is underway on the Tram to Mistrzejowice project. On August 24, a temporary parking ban will be introduced at the parking lot at the intersection of Bohaterów Wietnamu and Młyńska Streets.

Traffic restrictions on Meissnera street

Beginning next Wednesday, August 16, residents of part of Meissnera Street will face temporary difficulties due to the construction of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice. Parking will be temporarily banned.

The first month of work has passed

A month has already passed since the start of construction of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice. During this time, the focus was on preparing the site for the redevelopment of the underground infrastructure and for the construction of the tracks. – …

The construction of the line to Mistrzejowice starts. What do we know about limitations?

The contractor for the new tramway route to Mistrzejowice will soon begin essential construction work. A ZRID decision has been issued allowing works to begin. What traffic changes can residents in the vicinity of the investment expect? The construction manager answered our questions.

Inventory of buildings in the immediate vicinity of the project

In connection with the upcoming construction work, the contractor will conduct an inventory of the existing condition of buildings that are located in the immediate vicinity of the project.

Response to residents’ demands

President Jacek Majchrowski declared to respond to the demands that residents voiced during the information meetings. Below are the changes we have taken into account after the analyses.

Constant ornithological and wildlife surveillance during the works

The ongoing work is under constant ornithological and wildlife monitoring. Prior to the start of felling work, trees are checked for animal habitation.

Construction of Tram to Mistrzejowice kicks off

The first preparatory work for the redevelopment of the technical infrastructure and the construction of the tram route will begin this coming Monday: 3 July.

Construction of tramway to Mistrzejowice kicks off

The first preparatory work for the redevelopment of the technical infrastructure and the construction of the tram route will begin this coming Monday: 3 July.

Answers to residents’ questions after the meeting

During the meetings, we tried to provide as much information about the project as possible. Due to limited time, we did not answer all the questions and suggestions raised. As declared, we present a summary of questions and answers. Download …

Meeting with residents on site

This Friday, June 23, 2023, we invite you to a meeting with residents at the construction site of the Tram to Mistrzejowice. This is another opportunity to talk and learn about the design of the newly created infrastructure.

Project documentation for residents

At the request of Residents who participate in ongoing informational meetings, we are publishing simplified names of project documentation.

Second issue of the ‘Informator’ already available to residents

You can read about the first stage of the temporary traffic organization, tunnel construction technology and the role of the City Traffic Engineer in the latest issue of our “Informator” paper.

Materials for informational meetings with residents

With additional informational meetings with residents coming up, we encourage you to review the documentation approved in the ZRID decision.

Information meetings with residents

In response to emerging questions on the planned construction of a tram route to Mistrzejowice, we invite you to additional information meetings. Representatives of the private partner and city authorities will discuss details of the design solutions with residents.

May press conference at Kraków City Hall

On 26 May, a press conference was held at Krakow’s city hall for the last time before work begins. Representatives of the city authority and the contractor, Gülermak, summarized the work to date on the investment and the plan for green space around the new route.

Traffic organization during preparatory works

Once the plots of land for the construction of the new connection to Mistrzejowice have been handed over, cleanup work will begin, preparing the site for the start of the main work. In the first stage, residents will face short-term and local narrowing of traffic lanes, sidewalks or bicycle paths along the entire project, as well as restrictions at the Polsad Roundabout.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice with building permit

There is a green light to begin work on the construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice. Following the handover of land by the Kraków City Roads Authority, the Private Partner will begin organizing the construction site and preparatory work. According to the current schedule, the new infrastructure will be ready by the end of 2025.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice with building permit

There is a green light to begin work on the construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice. Following the handover of land by the Kraków City Roads Authority, the Private Partner will begin organizing the construction site and preparatory work. According to the current schedule, the new infrastructure will be ready by the end of 2025.

April meeting with District XV councilors

On 26 April, representatives of the KST IV project met with councilors of District XV to answer questions from both councilors and residents. Below is a summary of those questions and the answers given.

Tram within a PPP framework – what does this mean for infrastructure maintenance and upgrades?

Construction of Kraków’s new tram infrastructure is about to begin and will last 31 months. According to the signed agreement, the private partner is responsible not only for the design, raising funds from financial institutions and construction, but also for maintaining, upgrading and repairing the new infrastructure for the next 20 years.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice with environmental agreements

New plantings, green tracks and stops, revitalization of the terminus: we know what the green development around the tram route to Mistrzejowice will look like. Residents will gain a modern and sustainable means of transportation, providing an alternative to cars.

Adaptation of urban space to the needs of visually impaired people

Accessibility of public space for people with disabilities is one of the key challenges facing designers of modern cities. Thanks to the infrastructure that accompanies the “Tram to Mistrzejowice” investment, people with visual disabilities will soon have a new space adapted to their needs.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice will run on green trackbed

In recent years, more and more cities are beginning to appreciate the potential of trackbed as a perfect spot to locate additional green areas. The trend is especially popular in cities that are seeking new ways to improve the quality of life of their residents. Kraków is a leader in the greening of tramway routes in Poland. The Tram to Mistrzejowice is yet another project following this pattern.

Location of ticket machines revealed for the tram route to Mistrzejowice!

Ticket machines are installed in the last stage of the tram route construction, but their locations must be planned already at the design stage. Why so early? To secure power. Where exactly?

Passengers will reach underground stops by elevators and escalators

The tram route to Mistrzejowice will feature a grade-separated solution through two Kraków roundabouts: underground. Moving between levels is not easy for everyone and some users may even find it impossible. Therefore, the design provides for safe elevators and escalators.

The first section of Kraków premetro to be launched in 2025

In the spring of 2023, once the RCC decision (ZRID) is obtained, construction works for the tram route to Mistrzejowice will start. If everything goes according to plan, the new 4.5-kilometer track section – made in the public-private partnership formula – will be completed at the end of 2025.

Financing documents signed – Final Closure

We’re proud and humbled to announce that we’ve signed the financing documents for Krakow Tram project as of December 2022. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Investment Bank and PFR are among the lenders financing the construction of KST IV!

Tramway to Mistrzejowice is the topic of a project group study

The designed tram route to Mistrzejowice has become the subject of a scientific analysis! Students of one of Kraków’s universities chose the planned investment for a case study to analyze a real, current and important matter in the field of public administration.

Where do construction deadlines come from? It’s all about scheduling!

How to estimate construction time? How to coordinate all tasks, taking into account weather conditions, the availability of subcontractors or the need to work under ‘live traffic’? We cover this on our latest story on time management at the construction site.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice – on the homestretch for the kick-off

The beginning of next year will see the launch of the construction of another tram route in the north of Krakow – however, this is not an investment you’ve seen before. Not only is it implemented in the PPP formula, but it is also precisely adapted to the needs of a modern city.

They provide direct current for the trams. We will build two traction substations

Out of concern for urban architecture, we located one of the traction substations for the needs of powering the KST IV route underground. This is how we reduced the occupation of land for the needs of operating the facility to a minimum.

Accesses to the stop under Młyńskie roundabout will be roofed

Two entrances leading to the Młyńskie Roundabout stop, designed on level -1, will be roofed. It will be more comfortable for users and will protect the infrastructure against unfavorable weather conditions.

The Municipal Greenery Authority (ZZM) agreed on the design for plantings

1,055 new tress and almost 25,000 shrubs, grasses, perennials and creepers will be planted along the planned tram route to Mistrzejowice. ZZM approved the location and type of compensation plantings.

Mistrzejowice Terminus – brand new face after 50 years

The new route to Mistrzejowice ushers in major changes not only where the tracks are introduced for the first time. The current terminus will gain a new look and, above all, functionality.

Energy-efficient street lighting to reduce electricity bills

The growing costs of electricity consumption prompted local governments to seek savings. One way to cut the bills is to upgrade street lighting. The Bohomolca and Krzesławicka streets planned for redevelopment prove that replacing sodium fixtures with LEDs cuts electricity consumption by as much as half.

The first premetro section to be made together with the tram route to Mistrzejowice

Over 1.5 km of the new tram route to Mistrzejowice will be shared with premetro. The works performed during the construction of the trackbed will be part of the new solution expected by the residents of Kraków.

We distributed 15 thousand news-sheets

What will underground stops look like? When are works planned to be started? How to contact us? We wanted to reach people living and working near the planned KST IV tram route with such information by releasing the first issue of the “Informator” news-sheet.

Arrangements regarding the change to the cross-section of Meissnera St.

The process of re-arrangements regarding limited traffic in Meissnera Street has started. As a result, the number of noise walls along the project will be lower and the space created can be designated for greenery.

Noise-reducing methods along the investment revealed!

Fewer trucks, a quiet bus fleet, narrow roadways – these are some of the assumptions to reduce road noise along the new tram route to Mistrzejowice.

Number of noise barriers reduced along the project!

Fewer noise barriers, more greenery – these design changes respond to the needs voiced by Kraków’s residents. The ideas include limited traffic on Meissnera Street, electrified bus fleet or the use of a noise-reducing surface.

How will cyclists benefit from the construction of KST IV?

Over 18 thousand m2 of bike paths will be constructed as part of the construction of the Kraków Fast Tram route (KST), stage 4.  Cyclists will safely and comfortably cover the entire route between the intersection of Meissnera/Mogilska Streets and Mistrzejowice.

Near Barei roundabout a rain garden will be created

It soaks up rainwater like a sponge, thanks to which it helps prevent creation of the so-called urban heat islands. Such a rain garden will be created near Barei roundabout as part of Tramway to Mistrzejowice (KST IV) the construction project.

According to the schedule or how a project clock ticks

What are the three basic goals of any construction project? Complete the investment, stay within the budget and meet the deadlines. A project implementation schedule helps in achieving the third one. It is prepared long before the day one at the construction site.

How will the Mistrzejowice tram terminus be altered?

Convenient access to housing estates, quite a lot of greenery, new lighting – this will be the new look of the Mistrzejowice terminus.

An information system or how will I know when the tram arrives?

There will be displays showing the estimated time of arrival of trams on each stop on the route to Mistrzejowice. Traffic Tram Supervision System (TTSS) is the source of this practical information.

A surface with improved parameters will boost noise protection

The contractor of the tram route to Mistrzejowice will apply a special mineral-asphalt mixture to reduce traffic noise even more effectively. Together with other solutions that suppress noise and vibrations, it will ensure everyday comfort for the residents.

How will the tunnel in the area of Polsadu roundabout be constructed?

The tunnel in the central part of the tram route to Mistrzejowice requires the heaviest workload in the project. It will be constructed with the use of the top-down method on diaphragm walls. Here is an overview of individual steps.

This is how the Climate change adaptation plan is implemented!

Construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice is a practical response to the objectives specified in the Climate change adaptation plan for the City of Kraków until 2030. This will lead to reduction of traffic pollution and increased resistance of the transport sector to adverse effects of extreme weather events.

A public-private partnership offers promising prospects

Local governments in Poland and throughout Europe are seeking opportunities for quick and effective development. Just like Kraków, they are choosing the PPP formula to offer residents the highest quality services without overburdening budgets.

Sedum instead of grass – this will be a trackbed suited to a modern city

As much as 74% of the area used for the construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice is to be biologically active. An important element will be the so-called green trackbed where sedum mats will be installed. It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to a traditional lawn.

Questions? Comments? Choose how you want to contact us

By phone, e-mail or Messenger? Here’s how you can reach us to get reliable information about the construction of Tramway route to Mistrzejowice.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice to be disabled-accessible

Disability ramps, elevators, tactile paving – these are just selected examples of solutions that make it easier for disabled passengers to use public transport. The design of the tram route to Mistrzejowice features many more of them. It is focusing especially on the needs of persons with reduced mobility, using wheelchairs as well as the blind and partially sighted.

Tram route to Mistrzejowice – performance of construction works one step closer

– Use of private capital from the free market enabled commencement of a project which is vital for the residents. First payment will be made to the partner only once the route is opened – stresses Marcin Hanczakowski, Director of Kraków Municipal Road Authority (ZDMK).

New vegetation resistant to exhaust fumes, drought and frost

There is more into the tramway to Mistrzejowice than a trackbed. It is an urban set-up developed almost from scratch which must support a number of functions. It will not be complete without new plantings designed as part of the vegetation management project. The plan is to introduce over 1,000 new trees in the area of the investment as well as almost 6,500 sqm of shrubs.

Measurements of vibrations for representative buildings along the line have started

Appropriate tests are needed to ensure that traffic vibrations do not exceed the comfort limit for persons who live around the future tram route. For that purpose, data collected during measurements performed within the area of the project will be used among others.

Tram route to Mistrzejowice one step closer

Request has been filed for a Road Construction Consent (RCC) decision for the tram route to Mistrzejowice. Once approved, it will pave the way for launching the construction of one of key investments in northern Kraków.

One year of designing the route to Mistrzejowice. Here’s the summary!

The cooperation of private and public partners under the KST IV project will last 24 years. What was the first year like? Here’s the summary!

Tramway tunnel extended. Trams will cross the Młyńskie Roundabout in a grade-separated way

It is now certain that the underground part of the tram route to Mistrzejowice will be over 1.2 km – trams will cross the Młyńskie roundabout in a grade-separated way. With additional funds for the investment approved by the Kraków City Council, the PPP contract was amended.

Traditional walls of Kraków have inspired the design of underground stop at Polsadu roundabout

We already know what the stop in the tunnel of the Krakow Fast Tram to Mistrzejowice will look like. The main theme of the selected design are the materials characteristic of Krakow’s walls – stone and brick. A large skylight will provide adequate lighting of the interior of the underground station at Polsadu roundabout.

Over a cup of tea about the Tramway. Mobile Information Outlet at the Młyńskie roundabout

Once the tram line to Mistrzejowice is in place, the Młyńskie roundabout will become a major transfer hub. We are spreading the news about our investment plans. This time we reached local residents in ZDMK’s Mobile Information Outlet. As the Turkish custom has it, talks were held over a cup of tea served by the private partner – Gülermak.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice to take route at -1 level through Młyńskie roundabout

Decision has been made concerning changes in the design in the area of Młyńskie roundabout. Partners in the project of construction of the KST IV tram route have agreed on implementing trackbed at -1 level which is an alternative option to the one planned initially. The changes are a response to the residents’ expectations and will ensure the project is integrated with the planned construction of premetro.

Positive opinion from the team tasked with reviewing the safety of vulnerable road users

Solutions for cyclists and pedestrians designed as part of KST IV tram route received a positive opinion of the team tasked with reviewing the safety of vulnerable road users. Below you can find the sheets presented to the team. The …

Positive opinion from the team tasked with reviewing the safety of vulnerable road users

Solutions designed as part of the KST IV tram route received a positive opinion from the team tasked with reviewing the safety of vulnerable road users. Wherever area conditions allowed, bicycle paths were designed on both sides of the investment and separated from pedestrian traffic.

Geological surveys to end in November

This autumn, the planned tramway route to Mistrzejowice will be checked from a geological perspective. It involves drilling and field sounding as well as laboratory analysis of samples collected. Purpose? To identify soil and water conditions where the works will be performed.

Answers to questions made during the on-line consultation meeting

We present answers to questions asked by Krakow residents during online meetings.

Appropriate means as a recipe for traffic excited vibrations

Technological advancement in recent years has allowed for a significant reduction in the propagation of vibrations to buildings. Residents will enjoy the fast and modern tramway route and the new road pavements that will not require renovation after a few years like before – says Prof. Tadeusz Tatara of the Cracow University of Technology.

A misleading petition. Where to look for reliable information on the construction of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice?

An anonymous author is collecting signatures on a petition with objections to the project of construction of the tram road to Mistrzejowice. Arguments marked with negative emotions are a long way from the actual project assumptions.

Fast tram at the district XV Mistrzejowice Council meeting

Last Thursday the representatives of the project took part in XXXIII session of District XV Mistrzejowice Council presenting its assumptions and answering the questions of the councilors. We present their list with answers.

Fast tram at the district III Prądnik Czerwony Council meeting

In the first and second week of July, the designing team composed of representatives of the private partner, the public entity and the designer of the investment project attended sessions of Councils of Districts III and XV. Below, we present questions asked at the meetings and answers to them.

The design concept of construction of the tram road to Mistrzejowice is at its final stage

Works on the concept of track and road layouts as well as the tunnel with an underground stop as part of the new, approx. 4.5-km long tram road to Mistrzejowice are in progress. On that basis, the final building permit design will be developed, which will be then implemented.

Representation of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice at PPP Leaders Forum

Partners in the project of construction of a tram road to Mistrzejowice will be among panelists of this year’s edition of PPP Leaders Forum. The conference under the auspices of the Minister of Development Funds and Regional Policy is dedicated to, i.a., financing, bankability and effectiveness of the public-private partnership model (PPP).

Workshops for children “Little Masters – to Mistrzejowice by tram” are just about to start

Who designs a tram road? How is a tunnel constructed? What is not allowed at the construction site? Answers to these as well as other questions of the youngest ones concerning construction of a tram road will be provided during workshops “Little Masters – to Mistrzejowice by tram”.

Workshops for children “Little Masters – to Mistrzejowice by tram” have started

Kindergarten children from Cracow take part in educational workshops “Little Masters – to Mistrzejowice by tram”. The workshops are organized as part of construction of a new Kraków Fast Tram road (KST, stage IV) implemented in the model of public-private partnership (PPP).