Residents of the northern part of Kraków will face further temporary changes in traffic organization due to the ongoing reconstruction of underground networks and construction of a tunnel through which the tram route to Mistrzejowice will run. Road closures and narrowing will occur on Lublańska Street, Młyńska Street, Bora Komorowskiego Avenue, and from mid-November at the earliest on Meissnera Street. The new traffic organization will be in effect from October 21.  What will change?

On Lublańska Street:

  • There will be one lane each for vehicular traffic on Lublańska Street, from the Barei Roundabout to the Polsadu Roundabout. Pedestrian traffic will be redirected from closed sidewalks to designated routes on the roadway and to adjusted green areas.
  • On Lublańska Street, on the approach to the Polsad Roundabout from the west, two lanes will be left for vehicular traffic: one to go left toward the Barei Roundabout and one to go right toward the Młyńskie Roundabout.

At the Polsad Roundabout:

  • On the face of the Polsadu Rounadbout, the southern part will be closed to traffic. Vehicular traffic will move in one lane for each direction. 
  • In addition, at the Polsadu Roundabout, the relationship with priority is designated in the north-south direction. The east-west relation will be carried out on the flyover, while public transport traffic is allowed on this relation under the flyover. The south-west relation will be detoured via the Barei Roundabout.

On Młyńska Street:

  • Traffic lights in the area of the Polsad Roundabout and at the intersection of Młyńska Street and Miechowity Street will be turned off. 
  • On Młyńska Street going in the direction of the Polsad Roundabout, past Bohaterów Wietnamu Street, traffic will be redirected to the west roadway, where two lanes will be designated, one in each direction. Traffic will be redirected on the switch made earlier.

Other changes:

  • On Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue, a lane for turning right and one lane for going straight will remain for traffic.
  • A suggested detour route will be taken for traffic during the works.
  • Previously separated bus lanes on Lublańska Street in the direction from 29 Listopada Avenue to Polsadu Roundabout and on Bora Komorowskiego Avenue from the intersection with Dobrego Pasterza Street (direction of Polsad Roundabout) will continue to be in force.
  • A right turn will be allowed at the intersection of Dobrego Pasterza Street and Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue.
  • The current arrangement of stops remains unchanged.
  • Update 16.10.2023: A busway on Lublańska Street from the stop in the area of the Barei Roundabout to the Polsad Roundabout will also be temporarily open. It will be in force until the start of works related to the reconstruction of underground networks in the area.

The new traffic organization will be introduced on October 21 starting at 5 a.m., and will last until the middle of next year.

At the earliest, in mid-November (arrangements are currently being made, we will announce the detailed date in a separate announcement), additional changes will be introduced on Młyńska Street and Meissnera Street. They will be in effect along with the traffic organization introduced on October 21.