What does the site of our project look like after 5 months of work? What did we manage to do in November and what do we plan to do in December? Let’s sum it up.

Since November, Construction Councils with the participation of the public side have been held twice a month. During the third and fourth meetings, representatives of the Private Partner, Local Government Entities and residents focused mainly on topics related to the current traffic organization.

Stage 2.2 of the temporary traffic organization has been in effect since November 18. Additional closures and narrowing of roadway lanes have appeared on Meissnera Street and Młyńska Street. These changes are in effect with the traffic organization introduced on October 21. More information on both Stage 2 and Stage 2.2: [link], [link].

In the last week of the month, the “Lucjan” deepening machine entered the construction site. This means the return to slurry wall sinking and the construction of the “Polsadu Roundabout” underground stop.

Slurry walls are reinforced concrete structures that encase the tunnel, minimize the impact of the excavation on buildings in the vicinity of the structure and take the pressure of soil and groundwater. Read more [link]. 

On November 28, we visited one of Kraków’s kindergartens as part of the “Little Champions – tram to Mistrzejowice” workshops we conducted. 

“Little Champions – tramway to Mistrzejowic” is a free educational class during which young engineers, through play, gain knowledge about the technology of streetcar construction and various types of public transport. They also learn about safety rules on the construction site and in public transport. Read more: [link].

What works are planned for December?

In December, we will focus on the construction of the tunnel, specifically on the construction of the “Polsadu Roundabout” Station. We will also begin work on the Młyńskie Roundabout, including the construction of working platforms for the “Młyńskie Roundabout” Station, the construction of station exits and the turnout chamber for the pre-metro – in terms of slurry walls. 

The most challenging part of the investment is the section between the Młyńskie and Barei Roundabouts where the tram tunnel is built. In order to complete it, it is necessary to move the 400-meter underground section of the Sudół Dominikański watercourse, which currently runs in the lane separating the roadways of Młyńska Street between the Mlynskie Roundabout and Miechowity Street. In December, we will implement work on the construction of a new channel for the Sudół Dominikański watercourse.

Reconstruction of sanitary sewer, rainwater, water supply, telecommunications and power cables will also continue. 

Below is a short video documenting the fifth month of works: