We are launching a series of workshops for the youngest residents of Kraków. “Little champions – tramway to Mistrzejowice” are free educational classes in educational institutions. They will soon also be held in our information center. We will launch this year’s edition in late November and early December.

At Gülermak, we love working with children. In Kraków, we have already organized 38 workshops for nearly 650 children.

During the workshops, young engineers will gain knowledge about tram construction technology, different types of public transportation through play. They will also learn about safety rules on construction sites and in public transportation. The classes will be varied with art and movement tasks, group exercises, as well as multimedia presentations.

What can they learn:

Safety rules on construction sites;

Personal protective equipment, such as helmet, footwear, jacket, vest, noise-canceling headphones, safety glasses;

The work of those building the tramway – who is the architect, surveyor, constructor, site engineer, environmental engineer, safety inspector, foreman, machine operator, and why people other than workers are not allowed to enter the construction site; 

Tracks, rails, and construction machinery – what an excavator, slurry wall digger, crane, concrete mixer, dump truck, bulldozer looks like.

We are accepting registrations for classes. Groups can sign up by sending an application to: malimistrzowie@gulermak.pl. The workshop will be held at the educational institution of the registering group.