About project

Tram line connecting Lema / Meissnera intersection with Mistrzejowice tram loop will be constructed as part of the IV stage of the extension of the Krakow Fast Tram. Thanks to this approx. 4.5-kilometre connection, travel time to the city center will be shortened by approx. 10 minutes. Trams on this route will be able to run as early as in 2025, with a frequency of up to 90 seconds. The new route will run along: Meissnera, Młyńska, Lublańska, Dobrego Pasterza, Bohomolca Jancarza Streets. It includes multi-level interchange station in the area of Polsadu roundabout. The value of the project is PLN 1.92 billion (including capital expenditures of approx. PLN 616 million net).

The construction of the streetcar to Mistrzejowice is the first transport project in Poland implemented in a public-private partnership model. The agreement concluded with the private partner for a period of 24 years assumes that he will be responsible not only for the design and implementation of the investment but also its subsequent maintenance. The European Investment Bank agreed to co-finance the investment.

What is PPP model?

PPP (public-private partnership) is a model of implementation of public investment projects assuming a long-term cooperation of a public partner (e.g. commune) and a private partner (company or consortium). In that perspective, an investment project does not generate virtually any costs during the design and construction stage for the first of them. Financial involvement of the commune starts only once the residents can use the outcome of the project.

In the PPP project consisting in the construction of a tram road to Mistrzejowice, the private partner (consortium of PPP Solutions Polska and Gülermak) is responsible for designing, funding and implementing the project, and – after the handover of the tram road into operation – for maintenance of the road for a periof of 20 years. Cracow Municipality (public partner) will pay the private partner remuneration for operation and maintenance of the tram road only after its opening, and after 20 years, it will take over the road for administration. Such an arrangement allows not only spreading financing of the project but also benefiting from the experience of the private partner. It will propose innovative solutions thanks to which the highest quality can be ensured during the operation of the infrastructure so that unnecessary cost related to its maintenance for a longer period of time can be avoided

Tramway to Mistrzejowice in PPP model

According to the agreement signed in December 2021 between the city of Krakow (public partner) and the consortium of PPP Solutions Polska and Gülermak AGir Sanayi Insaat ve Taahhu (private partner), the second party is responsible for financing, designing, obtaining the necessary construction permits and building the tram line to Mistrzejowice, and then looking after its infrastructure for 20 years. After that period the city will take over the use of the infrastructure. This is the biggest PPP transport project in Poland, on the basis of the Krakow’s experience there will be created guidelines for other local governments which want to use this model while realizing similar projects.

Investment's time schedule