In connection with the construction of the tramway to Mistrzejowice, the next stage of temporary traffic organization will come into force from November 18. Closures and narrowing of roadway lanes will be introduced on Meissnera and Młyńska Streets and will be in effect along with the traffic organization introduced on October 21.

What exactly will the changes look like?

  • On Młyńska Street and Meissnera Street, on the section from Młyńska Side Street to Chałupnika Street, car traffic will be routed along a single carriageway (eastern), where two lanes will be separated (one in each direction).
  • On the section of Chałupnika Street leading to Meissnera Street, only one lane will be available for right turns.
  • At the Młyńskie Roundabout, there will be a change in the layout of the intersection and the priority of traffic. Due to the impossibility of turning left from Młyńska Street into Pilotów Street to Akacjowa Street, Ułanów Street cars will take a detour via Młyńska Boczna Street or Ugorek Street.
  • Traffic lights at the Młyńskie Roundabout will be turned off.
  • On Młyńska Street, pedestrian traffic will be redirected from closed sidewalks to designated routes on the roadway and to adapted green spaces.
  • From Miechowity Street, a left turn into Młyńska Street will be allowed for public transportation.
  • On Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue, driving from Polsadu Roundabout, it will be possible to turn around in the area of the “Krokus” shopping center.
  • An additional bus lane will be designated in Olszyny Street and Pilotów Street on the section from Lesista Street to Widna Street.

Temporary bus stop platforms in new locations will be provided during this stage.

  • The Pszona 02 bus stop (going from the Młyńskie Roundabout) will be moved behind the intersection of Chałupnika, Meissnera and Pszona Streets.
  • The bus stop Rondo Młyńskie 02, located on Pilotów Street, will be moved by about 60m to the vicinity of Żwirki i Wigury Street
  • Bus stop Rondo Młyńskie 04, on Meissnera Street, will be moved to the eastern roadway.
  • On Miechowity Street, near the intersection with Młyńska Street, an additional bus stop will be created for lines heading north.
  • The bus stop Olsza II 02 will be moved from its current location on Lublańska Street before the Polsadu Roundabout:
  • For line 138 to the beginning of Lublańska Street (section from Polsadu Roundabout to Barei Roundabout),
  • For line 172 to Bora-Komorowskiego avenue after the exit from Polsadu Roundabout

The new traffic organization will be introduced on November 18, starting at 5 a.m., and will last until the middle of next year.

Information on the temporary traffic organization in effect from October 21 [link].