Drivers in the northern part of Krakow are facing further temporary changes to traffic organisation. In connection with the ongoing construction of the tram line tunnel to Mistrzejowice, from 24 February closures and narrowing of the carriageway will appear on Lublańska street.

What will change? 

  • On Lublańska street traffic between the Polsad roundabout and the Bareja roundabout will use the western carriageway, which will have one traffic lane for each direction.
  • The eastern carriageway of Lublańska street from the Polsad roundabout to the Barei roundabout will be completely closed to traffic. 
  • Vehicular traffic from and to Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue will be redirected to the temporary intersection with Lublańska Street at the level of the exit from Promienistych Street,
  • The bus stop Olsza II 02 at Lublańska Street will be moved approx. 30 m to the north.

Temporary traffic organisation south of Miechowity Street will remain unchanged (stage 2.2): [link].

Temporary traffic organisation stage 2.2

The new traffic organisation will be introduced on 24 February, starting at 5.00am.