On Thursday, October 5, the second Construction Council took place with the participation of the public side. We have compiled for you a summary of the answers to the questions asked by councilors and residents.

Below is a summary of the questions asked and the answers given.

The webcast of the 2nd Tram Construction Council to Mistrzejowice is available in full on the YouTube channel of the Cracow City Roads Authority [link] and under questions.

The next meeting will be held on November 9, 2023.

How will traffic be organized on November 1, during All Saints’ Day? 

Private Partner: It is planned to delay the opening of the relationship of 29-Listopada Street with Powstańców Street due to another investment carried out by the City. If new traffic organizations are implemented on our scope, they will be passable in each direction – all turning relationships at the Polsadu Roundabout will be maintained. 

When is the reconstruction of the heat pipeline at 4 and 6 Meissnera Street planned for?

Private Partner: The work on the heat pipeline is tentatively scheduled for November, but the switchover itself is planned outside the heating season. 

Public Entity: If we’re talking about utilities, it’s so that first we build the new element, when it’s finished, we do the rewiring, and we dismantle the old one, so that the impediments and interruptions to utilities are as small as possible. These impediments will then be hourly.  

Can we expect tree cutting in November? 

Private Partner: If the project, after making changes, is approved by all city units, we will proceed with the cutting of trees in the vicinity of Lublańska Street and Pszona Street, which is currently on hold in this area. There is one tree left on Jancarza Street and it will be cut down in the near future. Until now it was left because of an active nest. Currently, the nest is no longer active.

Will an orthophotomap site plan be prepared? Request that an updated list of trees to be cut down be made available to residents.

Private Partner: We will provide such a list when we have the final agreed road layout solutions. We do not want to mislead you. The design work is ongoing, and we are trying to do it as soon as possible. We will make it available only after we have final agreement with the road manager and obtain the necessary opinions from the police, ZDMK and MIR, among others.

When will visualizations of the investment be available?

Public Entity: due to changes in the project, the City will make the visualizations available after final decisions are obtained, and all corrections have been applied to the graphic materials. 

What will traffic on Bohomolca Street look like after the investment is completed? Will there be traffic jams?

Public Entity: There are no city representatives who are responsible for the city’s development strategy, so none of us can give a comprehensive answer. This question should be directed to the City Traffic Engineer.

How much will the driving lanes and busway on Młyńska Street be? 

Public Entity: The lanes under the current concept will be 3m wide, while the busway will be 3.5m wide. 

Private Partner: However, we do not have final agreement with MIR and ZDMK, so the widths are not formally confirmed.

What about the trees growing on the slope near Pszona Street?

Private Partner: Trees halfway up the slope will definitely be removed. We will try to preserve the trees that grow on top of the slope. We want to move the retaining wall closer to Meissnera Street.

Will there be noise barriers on Krzesławicka Street? 

Private Partner: On Krzesławicka Street, according to the decision of the RDEP at the reassessment stage, we do not have noise barriers designed. 

Public Entity: In accordance with the terms of the order issued by the RDOŚ and the ZRID decision, after the construction and commissioning of the investment, the necessity to perform a post-execution analysis is envisaged. In case of obtaining the results of the analysis indicating the need for construction of screens by a separate administrative procedure, the Investor will be obliged to obtain a permit for their construction.

How will traffic on Młyńska Street look like when entering the Polsad Roundabout from the east side will all lanes be blocked or just one?  

Private Partner: The north-south relationship will be preserved, but significantly reduced. 

Drivers, coming from the Młyńskie Roundabout, approximately at the level of the current stop, will have to change the roadway to the left. The roadway located on the eastern (right) side will be completely closed. Here, a single lane will be driven all the way to Lublańska Street.

Is it possible to abandon the sidewalk under construction on Krzesławicka Street? 

Private Partner: The question will be addressed to the City Traffic Engineer.  

We already have combined bicycle and car traffic on Krzeslawicka Street. As previously agreed, adding pedestrians to the same cross section is excluded.  

The solution of combining car traffic with bicycle traffic and separately pedestrian traffic results in the least possible occupation of the area with the paved part, leaving more space for the green area. 

How long will the current difficulties on Młyńska Street last? 

Private Partner: The next planned change in traffic organization is scheduled for the second half of October.  

The restoration of the Polsad Roundabout to full operation will take place simultaneously with the completion of the contract. The scope of the work, which includes the reconstruction of the Sudół Dominikański watercourse, the construction of the tunnel and the reconstruction of the heat pipeline, is such a complex operation that it will last for practically the entire duration of the project, which is certainly 2 or 2.5 years. 

Are there any changes planned in the courses of the bus lines that run from the Barei Roundabout towards the Młyńskie Roundabout?  

Public Entity: the Construction Board has no such knowledge.