President Jacek Majchrowski declared to respond to the demands that residents voiced during the information meetings. Below are the changes we have taken into account after the analyses.

Demand 1 – abandonment of additional lanes of traffic on Młyńska Street, Pilotów Street (from the side of the Sadzawki Street)

The possibility of shortening an additional lane in the area of Sadzawki Street has been accepted, while indicating that the length of the division of lanes into left/right and right/straight lanes will be adjusted to the projected traffic volume.

Demand 2 – 4-6 Meissnera Street – move the bike path to the side away from the roadway

Accepted the presented solution for the route of the sidewalk directly at the edge of 4-6 Meissnera Street.

Demand 3 – 4-6 Meissnera St. – restoration of a row of trees on the side of the parking lot

In connection with the change from para. 2, introducing additional greenery plantings has been declared.

Demand 4 – Lublańska Street – redesign the section of the bicycle path and sidewalk in such a way as to preserve as many trees as possible, taking into account, for example, the “floating” bicycle paths proposed by the contractor during public consultations in the field

The proposal to elevate the bicycle path and sidewalk in relation to the western roadway of Lublańska Street requires a detailed analysis of the elevation relationship of adjacent areas, in order to avoid scarping of the area and undercutting of the root mass of trees. The solution has been recommended for implementation and will be finally agreed upon after the presentation of design solutions at the stage of the executive design agreement.

Demand 5 – maintaining the right turn from Krzesławicka Street into Dobrego Pasterza Street

The demand has been accepted. It requires the development of the relevant documentation and proper procedures.

Demand 6 – creation of a right turn from Dobrego Pasterza Street into Bora-Komorowskiego Street (end of Dobrego Pasterza Street)

The demanded scope of work is outside the scope of the investment. The Contractor has confirmed that for the duration of construction, it will make a right turn from Dobrego Pasterza Street into Bora-Komorowskiego Street as a temporary solution in the technology of paving with prefabricated road plates. Execution of the right turn in the final construction requires relocation of conflicting underground infrastructure.

Demand 7 – renovation of Aliny and Jana Brzechwy streets and not opening the connector between Jana Brzechwy and Krzesławicka streets.

The scope of the renovation of Aliny Street and Brzechwy Street is beyond the scope of the project, while the connector between Jana Brzechwy Street and Krzesławicka Street will not be opened.

Demand 8 – preservation of as many trees as possible on Młyńska Street, in the vicinity of blocks number 7, 11, 14 between Młyńska Street and Pilotów Street.

In order to protect more trees, the route of the bike path at the intersection with Bohaterów Wietnamu Street has been changed.

Demand 9 – redesign the bike path to preserve the trees at the height of Fiołkowa, Janickiego, Ugorek

The route of the bicycle path and sidewalk near the slope in the area of Pszona Street will be changed, which requires redesigning the telecommunications infrastructure, among other things, and a new ZUDP agreement in this regard, as well as the development of a new retaining wall design.

Demand 10 – re-examine the condition of young trees with the possibility of replanting as many as possible

The work is being carried out on an ongoing basis by specialists of the Urban Greenery Board.

Demand 11 – construction of noise barriers at Lublańska Street

It was decided that the screens on the section of Lublańska Street from the Barei Roundabout will be made in accordance with the provisions of the environmental decision issued in 2017 for this investment.