On 26 May, a press conference was held at Krakow’s city hall for the last time before work begins. Representatives of the city authority and the contractor, Gülermak, summarized the work to date on the investment and the plan for green space around the new route.

– Kraków, like all major cities, is struggling with the negative consequences of climate change. It is extremely important to counteract the symptoms of these changes, such as flooding and waterlogging. Many parts of our city are becoming heat islands, so we are carrying out a number of different activities that reduce these problems. One of the most important tasks in this regard is the maintenance and even expansion of green areas, which is in conflict with investments that, by their very nature, involve the preparation of land for various types of facilities: cubic or linear. Our intention is that the investment should, on the one hand, achieve its goals – to connect important areas of the city that have so far been deprived of this kind of rail transportation, and at the same time that we do it in an environmentally friendly way,” said Deputy Mayor Andrzej Kulig.

The first preparatory work will begin as early as June, following the transfer of plots of land for the construction site to the contractor.