Decision has been made concerning changes in the design in the area of Młyńskie roundabout. Partners in the project of construction of the KST IV tram route have agreed on implementing trackbed at -1 level which is an alternative option to the one planned initially. The changes are a response to the residents’ expectations and will ensure the project is integrated with the planned construction of premetro.

Initially, the tramway route to Mistrzejowice was to feature an over-ground trackbed in the area of Młyńskie roundabout. In the spring, analyses were launched to check the possibility of introducing changes to the design whereby the tracks would be below the ground level. Their outcome brings solutions where the tramway route is below the roundabout.

“One of the main reasons for this decision is that the city had approved the premetro study which provides for its joint route with the KST IV  between Bareja and Młyńskie roundabouts. By adjusting infrastructure to this major investment, we are supporting further development of transportation system without the need to redevelop the one already existing” – says Marcin Hanczakowski, Director of Kraków Municipal Road Authority (ZDMK). “We also wanted the tram to pass through Młyńskie roundabout, a critical location, in a grade-separated way so that all traffic users can save time and travel safely” – he adds.

The proposed underground route option was supported by the residents as seen in the preliminary results of a survey made as part of the second stage of public consultation for KST IV. It was the preferred option for approx. 65% of respondents.

Longer tramway route at -1 level

Under the new solution, down ramps – leading to a shored excavation in which trackbed will be placed under Młyńskie roundabout – will be located in the area of Pszona street. Passengers will be using stops at -1 level on the northern side of the roundabout.  The stops will be accessible via underpasses which the passengers can reach using stairs or elevators situated on both sides of Młyńska street. Trams will be entering the planned tunnel before Polsadu roundabout. Therefore, the underground section of the tramway line, including ramps, will be approx. 1,180 meters long.

“Passengers already know this solution from Mogilskie roundabout. The underground option will not only shorten the tram journey time, but also improve traffic organization in the area of the intersection” – says Paweł Motyka, Deputy Project Manager at Gülermak. “The biggest challenge for this design option comes from the location of a tributary of Sudoł Dominikański stream right under the roundabout. This requires the grade line of the tramway route to be under the tributary, at 9.65m below ground level” – explains Motyka. The basic option of the new solution in the area of Młyńskie roundabout involves the redesign of the existing road network on the ground to be a turbo-roundabout. Yet, analysis of the possibility of leaving the intersection in its current form is still performed. Each route has a consistent circulation system designed for pedestrians and cyclists. The cost of additional works is set at approx. PLN 135m. Their implementation requires the consent of the Kraków City Council.