Beginning next Wednesday, August 16, residents of part of Meissnera Street will face temporary difficulties due to the construction of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice. Parking will be temporarily banned.

According to the temporary traffic organization project, a temporary change in traffic organization will be introduced on 16.08.2023, starting at 9:00 am, for up to 4 business days.

The traffic organization being introduced will be a parking ban:

along Meissnera Street (west side, on the section between Pilotów Street and Chałupnika Street), and

in the parking lot at Meissnera Street 4, 6: along the greenery, where there are trees.

From the side of the blocks, parking will be possible.

Residents may park their cars near the stadium of the Wieczysta Kraków Sports Club during the works. Those wishing to do so are asked to send their address and vehicle registration number. This information will be used only to verify people parking in the designated area. Please send them to:

Sidewalks located in the area of the ongoing works will be temporarily fenced or monitored by construction workers.

We apologize for the inconvenience.