On Tuesday, October 24, representatives of the council of District III (Prądnik Czerwony), the contractor for the works and the city discussed the traffic organization that has been in place since October 21 in the area of the Polsadu Roundabout.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the council of District III, the Municipal Traffic Engineer Department of the City of Krakow (IR UMK), the Public Transport Authority of Krakow (ZTP), the Municipal Investment Authority (ZIM), the Road Authority of the City of Krakow (ZDMK) and the contractor (Gülermak).

Representatives of the district shared their comments on the current temporary traffic organization in the Polsadu Roundabout area. These were the comments and proposals received by the council from residents, as well as those made by themselves. ZTP representatives also shared their observations. In addition, a report prepared by the dispatchers of the Municipal Transportation Company was read out. This was the main part of the meeting. It allowed representatives of the IR UMK and the contractor to familiarize themselves with the picture of the situation: from the point of view of traffic participants.

The Municipal Traffic Engineer declared that he would analyze the comments made, which concerned the implementation of specific solutions: extending the bus lane, eliminating left turns, correcting pedestrian crossings and traffic light programming. Representatives of the contractor reported full readiness to implement the corrections accepted by the traffic organizer.

It was agreed that any corrections will be made by November 9. This is because drivers are learning now the new traffic organization – this is the most difficult period at the beginning of any investment. In addition, next week, traffic in the area will be affected by the holiday falling on November 1. With the typical traffic situation to be dealt with from November 2, further decisions can be made based on this.

On Thursday, November 9, there will be another, third meeting with the participation of residents’ representatives. At that time, any further steps will be taken, in addition to any adjustments that may be made between November 2 and November 9.

The contractor has agreed to report weekly, through ZDMK, on planned changes in traffic organization. This is in order to complement the traffic measures already taken, through the channels available to the district.

ZDMK and all other units involved in the task remain in constant contact. Thank you for all the comments sent to us, which will now be analyzed

source: zdmk.krakow.pl