In connection with the ongoing construction of the tunnel for the Tram to Mistrzejowice, traffic changes will await drivers from the second half of February. The temporary traffic organization design (stage 2.3) has already been prepared and submitted to city services. Pending their evaluation and approval, we present the prepared documentation.

Before the changes can be implemented and take effect, the temporary traffic organization must still be approved by the Municipal Traffic Engineer (MIR) – after the design has been reviewed by city services, i.e. the Police, the Roads Authority of the City of Kraków and the Public Transportation Authority. The process is ongoing, but we are already providing Kraków residents with the first information on the anticipated changes. The design presented here may make it easier to understand future traffic changes:

  • On Lublańska Street, traffic between the Polsadu Roundabout and the Barei Roundabout will proceed on the western carriageway, with one lane for each direction.
  • The eastern carriageway of Lublańska street from the Polsadu Roundabout to the Barei Roundabout – will be TOTALLY EXCLUDED.
  • In addition, vehicle traffic from and to Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue will be redirected to the temporary intersection with Lublańska Street at the height of the exit from Promienistych Street.

Changes in traffic organization will be related to the continuation of slurry wall sinking.

At the same time, we would like to remind you – the design IS NOT yet final and is currently subject to the opinion of ZDMK, ZTP, MPK and the Police and the approval of the City Traffic Engineer. The presented changes are in the evaluation phase and may be subject to some modifications.  This briefing is published in connection with your requests that such materials, even in a non-final version, be published as early as possible. We will present the final COR plan (stage 2.3) 7 days in advance, through our website, social media, radio, press and information boards placed in the project area.