In response to emerging questions and comments on the planned construction of a tram route to Mistrzejowice, we invite you to additional information meetings. Representatives of the private partner and city authorities will discuss details of the design solutions with residents. Participants will also have the opportunity to make comments that are likely to be taken into account at the stage of the detailed design.

During the 111th session of the Kraków City Council, held on 31 May, Deputy Mayor Andrzej Kulig presented plans for the construction of a tram route to Mistrzejowice. At a specially prepared information desk, councilors had the opportunity to ask questions to the contract director from Gülermak and the designers. This gave us the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the investment, such as the work schedule, the impact of construction on local communities and the environment. The session also included a discussion with councilors and participants, after which Deputy Mayor Andrzej Kulig pledged to hold meetings with residents.

City invites to meetings

– We are keen to make the organized meetings as factual as possible, so we want to focus on specific sections of the ongoing investment. This will make it easier for residents to express their opinion on the detailed solutions adopted near their place of residence,” explains Andrzej Kulig, deputy mayor of Krakow. – Until the doubts that arise are jointly clarified, the contractor will carry out work only in those places that do not arouse controversy. 

There will be 5 meetings with representatives of the private partner, representatives of municipal entities and companies involved in the development of project documentation:

Update 14.06 : Due to technical problems during Tuesday’s broadcast, the meeting for the Meissnera Street area will be repeated:

All meetings will be conducted in an online format to efficiently discuss the details of the site and allow access to graphic presentations, plans and other documents regarding the planned construction of the streetcar line to Mistrzejowice. This form of communication will also allow the participation of people from different locations and enable active participation of residents in the discussion.

Anyone interested will be able to participate via the zoom app.

Phase I of the temporary traffic organization has begun

As stipulated in the agreement between the Public Entity and the Private Partner, the construction site was officially handed over to the general contractor, Gülermak, on June 1.

As of Friday, 2 June, Phase I of the temporary traffic organization is in effect. You can read about local sidewalk closures and sectional lane closures [here].