Last Thursday the representatives of the project took part in XXXIII session of District XV Mistrzejowice Council presenting its assumptions and answering the questions of the councilors. We present their list with answers.

1) How will the tram road cross Dobrego Pasterza Street?
Answer: At the level of the Aqua Park, the tram road will cross the roadway of Dobrego Pasterza Street and run on the northern side of it, and then, it will enter Krzesławicka Street.
2) Will the tram road be integrated with the planned premetro?
Answer: Our section is prepared to be included in premetro, among others, by means of construction of longer underground stops. At this stage, the project does not include solutions concerning providing the premetro line along Dobrego Pasterza Street and incorporating it into KST IV, however, according to the information we have, such analyses are planned to be performed as part of works on the premetro.
3) How will the tram road cross Bohomolca Street? Since the road can be used by even 90 trams per hour, are there any concerns regarding the road network in this area?
Answer: The tram will run onto the eastern side of Bohomolca Street between the intersections with Kniaźnina and Marchołta Streets. At the intersection of Bohomolca and Kniaźnina Streets, there will be additional traffic lights; the final solutions for the intersection with Marchołta Street are being analyzed by the Municipal Traffic Engineer. Frequency of tram departures of 90 seconds is the maximum frequency, which means that the infrastructure will be adapted to such short intervals between trams, however, timetables will be adjusted by the Public Transport Authority to the forecasted passenger number during certain hours. The aim of the project is to find solutions which will be optimal for all road users: passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
4) Is it possible to analyze the option of constructing a tunnel for the tram road along Dobrego Pasterza Street?
Answer: The finalized concept of tram road construction is being created on the basis of the design developed and consulted, among others, with the council of District XV (2017), which does not provide for a tunnel section at this location. Extension of the tunnel would have a significant impact on the duration and cost of the project, however, Kraków Municipal Road Authority will consider advisability of an analysis of such an option at the request of the Council of District XV.
5) Will track lubricators be applied at the designed curve between Bohomolca and Jancarza Streets in order to reduce the noise?
Answer: At the location in question, track lubricators will be installed.
6) Will a vegetation-line constituting a noise protection measure be created on the southern side of Kniaźnina Street as requested by the Council of District XV?
Answer: A narrow tree-line has little impact on noise protection but is of significant value in terms of aesthetics. The type and scope of plantings at the determined location, as well as within the entire area of the project, will be specified in the landscaping design which will be consulted with the Municipal Greenery Authority. Its assumptions will be presented in autumn.
7) Where will noise barriers be provided?
Answer: Acoustic analysis is being carrying out, on the basis of which adequate noise protection measures will be designed. The environmental decision issued for the project imposes on the designer the obligation to install noise barriers at some locations, whereas in other places, it requires revision of the scope and type of noise abatement on the basis of analysis results.
8) How long will the construction take?
Answer: The contract duration is 40 months, approx. 25 of which are intended for construction works. They are planned to be commenced in Q1 2022.
9) Are any meetings with residents planned to be held?
Answer: Yes, they are. The details will be provided to you at the turn of August/September this year.
10) Where does the project value of 1.1 billion zlotys come from?
Answer: The project cost only, that is the construction of a tram road, constitutes approx. 660 million zlotys. The rest of the amount is the maintenance cost of the road for 20 years and its adjustment to requirements of Cracow after that period of time, for which the Private Partner will be responsible, as well as costs of financing the project, including credit costs.
11) Plans of tram road construction have been blocking some investment projects in the district, e.g. construction of lighting in Jancarza Street or of a car park within the green space in Bohomolca Street. When can they be implemented?
Answer: Prior to developing the design concept, it was not known, how exactly the land take for the project would look, therefore – due to the risk of conflicts – no permits for projects like the ones in question were issued. Now, when the concept is being finalized, planning of such tasks can be resumed.