As construction work on the underground stop and tunnel has commenced, we have concluded the acceptance of applications from individuals interested in inspecting buildings and apartments within the project’s impact area. Since July, we have successfully inventoried nearly 500 apartments.

Back in mid-July, we extended an invitation for you to register for a visual inspection of the current condition of buildings and apartments located within the zone of influence designated by the designer [link]. In light of the significant construction activities set in motion, we are preparing to conduct the last of the pre-arranged inventories in the upcoming days.

These inspections were conducted immediately before work initiation to ensure that residents, city authorities, and the contractor could be confident that the project was proceeding as planned. Owners of properties that underwent the inventory process are entitled to receive a copy of the inspection report. Should you have any additional questions, we encourage you to reach out to us at

We extend our gratitude for your cooperation and the numerous submissions we received.