There will be displays showing the estimated time of arrival of trams on each stop on the route to Mistrzejowice. Traffic Tram Supervision System (TTSS) is the source of this practical information.

Time is money so we appreciate modern technologies thanks to which we may efficiently and quickly get from A to B. Passengers of public transport in Kraków have been enjoying the benefits of TTSS for 14 years, which streamlines the management of urban transport in real time. Data from one of the system providers shows that TTSS supported shortening travel time by tram from Krowodrza Górki to Kurdwanów from 42 to just over 37 minutes. Together with the area-wide traffic lights control system, it helps residents save time on the way to work or school on a daily basis. The same software is used by some of the biggest cities worldwide: Zurich, London, Riyadh, Singapore and Bonn.

Tramway to Mistrzejowice comes together with a dynamic passenger information system

The TTSS comes with a bonus: a passenger information system with over 300 electronic displays placed throughout the city showing estimated time of arrival of trams and buses and their final stop. The displays may be also used to quickly spread any messages, e.g. about changes in traffic organization or detours. The practical information is driven by advanced solutions that will also be applied on the tram route to Mistrzejowice.

Dynamic passenger information system – how does it work?

How do the displays “know” when the vehicle we expect arrives? How is the data displayed actually updated? The heart of the dynamic passenger information system is the route information controller located in the dispatcher of ZDMK and the MPK carrier. Data on the actual position of vehicles that are currently on the routes are provided by GPRS transmitters installed in them based on the GPS location. Advanced prediction algorithms, supporting precise prediction of departure times from stops, process them, also using historical data. This is how you get reliable information.

In order for the correct arrival times to be displayed at the specific stop, a broadcast system is needed. It uses optical fibers or GPRS. Effective data delivery requires not only the installation of displays (at each stop on the tram route to Mistrzejowice), but also underground infrastructure which was ensured already at the design stage.