An anonymous author is collecting signatures on a petition with objections to the project of construction of the tram road to Mistrzejowice. Arguments marked with negative emotions are a long way from the actual project assumptions.

On the internet, signatures on petition entitled “Underground tram to Prądnik Czerwony, Cracow” [“
Podziemny tramwaj na Prądnik Czerwony, Kraków”] published on platform are being collected. Its content suggests that the project was designed to the prejudice of residents of the area of: Dobrego Pasterza, Krzesławicka and Bohomolca Streets. The author’s argumentation is not consistent with the factual state which misleads the signatories and contributes to dissemination of false information on the project.
Below, we publish polemics against the arguments presented. Should the residents want to obtain reliable information on design options, please contact the information point of the project: by phone – 722 22 00 88 (Monday-Friday from 8:00 until 16:00); via e-mail:, or via our FB profile: Tramwaj do Mistrzejowic. This website is another source of first-hand information.
“The planned tram road from Meissnera to Mistrzejowice is to run just under the windows of residential buildings in Krzesławicka Street…” – The distance of the tram road from both residential buildings located in Krzesławicka Street is more than 15 m.
“… current car traffic is to be let to narrow, estate roads of Aliny and Krzesławicka Streets…” – Both streets will lose direct link with Dobrego Pasterza Street, thanks to which they will become even more local. Residential buildings located in Krzesławicka Street will be accessed through Brzechwy Street.
“… Traffic from new developments will be led to Bachledy Street, ill-suited Brzechwy Street (which is a residential street), and then to Kwartowa Street (which is very often jammed even today) and Dobrego Pasterza Street” – The streets listed are not addressed by the project; no interference in traffic arrangement in those streets is planned in connection with the planned works. The project consists in construction of a full tram infrastructure and adjustment of the road network to it. Problems connected with the functioning of the remaining road network should be solved by means of separate investment tasks.
“… the implementation plan (…) will dramatically reduce quality of life of residents in the neighborhood of the project, very negatively affect safety of pedestrians and cyclists, and it will make car traffic highly onerous both for residents of that area and for drivers.” – Quite the contrary – the project involves enhancement of the quality of life of residents, which will have a positive impact on safety of all mentioned road users. The plans include i.a. construction of separated bike paths along the entire tram road, use of safe, noise reducing pavement on bike paths and roadways, designing of a better road layout as well as introduction of new traffic signs and road markings. All design and construction works include adjustment of the entire altered layout to the applicable regulations and standards as regards pedestrians and cyclists, including unprotected road users.