In reference to the works made under the decision of the City of Kraków on the modification of Change Order no. 4, the following is the Contractor’s position on their progress.

Yesterday we continued cutting down trees and bushes on the western side of Lublańska Street: between the Barei Roundabout and the Polsadu Roundabout. The works were made by the kindergarten.

Trees and shrubs with insignificant girths there are unevenly bushy. They have heavily overgrown and tangled crowns. Some of the tree branches go over the kindergarten fence and lean towards the kindergarten area.

We worked under constant supervision of our managers and in full compliance with health and safety rules. The site was fenced off from public access. We were also in constant contact with the headmistress of the kindergarten.

As I mentioned, a branch of the tree located at the height of the end of the last span (the very corner of the kindergarten area) at the south side of the fence was directly over the fence.

Our employees lowered this branch to the fence in a controlled manner, and then manually placed it over the fence. There were no children in the vicinity, and our staff watched over the entire technological process of felling.

The entire fence of the kindergarten running along Lublańska Street (parallel to it) is scheduled for dismantling, so there is no question of harm to third parties here. At present, the fence is still performing its function. It is tight and has not been damaged. We will notify the management of the kindergarten about its removal with due notice.