Works on the concept of track and road layouts as well as the tunnel with an underground stop as part of the new, approx. 4.5-km long tram road to Mistrzejowice are in progress. On that basis, the final building permit design will be developed, which will be then implemented.

Construction of the tram road to Mistrzejowice is the first such a large transport project implemented in the model of public-private partnership (PPP) in Poland. – It is the responsibility of the selected private partner to draw up a design, obtain funding, construct and maintain the infrastructure for a period of 20 years. The PPP formula gives the city both financial and quality advantages – underlines Andrzej Kulig, deputy mayor of Cracow for social and municipal policy. 

The city of Cracow decided to use government support for projects in the PPP model. It presented its idea which was noticed and selected. – Implementation of this project in the PPP model will allow implementing such an important transport project within a short period of time. We will provide the developing area of Mistrzejowice with a convenient, eco-friendly tram connection which will reduce the travel time to the city center by approx. 10 minutes – says Marcin Hanczakowski, director of Kraków Municipal Road Authority.

Concept at the final stage

The concept which specifies the route between the intersection of Lema and Meissnera Streets and the existing terminus in Mistrzejowice as well as solutions integrating the route with the existing infrastructure is being finalized. As regards the track layout, the concept provides for use of the reserve for construction of a tram road (among others, between roadways of Meissnera Street) and – in one of the options – passage under Młyńskie and Polsadu roundabouts at -1 level. It involves local changes to the road layout, reconstruction of sidewalks and the network of bike paths. The concept will be subject to the bicycle policy audit.

The key element of the designed tram road is the tunnel which will constitute a grade-separated, and therefore a faster and safer, route at a sensitive section. One of the options provides for the tram road going to -1 level before Młyńskie roundabout, where the track bed will be constructed in a shored excavation. Before Polsadu roundabout, it will turn into a tunnel. The second option considered, provides for a descent of the road to the tunnel right behind Młyńskie roundabout 

– At present, we are working on providing passengers with convenient circulation routes within the area of the underground stop planned to be constructed in the area of Polsadu roundabout. 

Its scope includes construction of boarding platforms at -2 levels and circulation paths at -1 level with exits to all sides of the roundabout, adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility as well as allowing transport of bikes – says Paweł Motyka, deputy director of the project on behalf of Gülermak. 

Landscaping of key importance

Construction of the tram road to Mistrzejowice provides for green track bed. Such a track bed is not only about aesthetic value but it also gives the possibility of filtrating pollution and reducing noise. Once the landscaping design is ready, it will be possible to get acquainted with i.a. plans regarding trees within the project area. Currently, the last updates of the predevelopment plan are being done and the design documentation is being developed. 

Communication with residents

In order to facilitate communication with residents, the private partner has opened a project hotline – 722 22 00 88 (Monday-Friday between 8:00-16:00) and a website –, which is the main source of information about the project. In addition, an fb profile “Tramwaj do Mistrzejowic” and a LinkedIn channel for professionals have been created. The partner plans to conduct public consultation as well as extensive cooperation with Mistrzejowice and Prądnik Czerwony districts.


A new tram road of the Kraków Fast Tram (KST, IV) of approx. 4.5 km will connect Mistrzejowice with the intersection of Lema and Meissnera Streets in 2024. It is the first time that such a large transport project is implemented in the model of public-private partnership in Poland. The project encompasses construction of 10 stop pairs, a tunnel in the area of Polsadu roundabout, extension of the tram terminus in Jancarza Street as well as associated infrastructure. The private partner of the project is consortium of PPP Solutions Polska Sp. z o.o. (leader) and Gülermak Ağir Sanayi Inşaat ve Taahhüt A.Ş. The entity responsible for the project on behalf of the city is Kraków Municipal Road Authority (ZDMK).