Another month of work on the construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice is behind us. In October we continued the key stage: the construction of the Polsadu underground station. What else have we managed to complete? 

In the first week of the month, we started the main part of the geotechnical work. We began excavations exceeding 20 meters in depth near the Polsadu Roundabout. Objective: to place the slurry walls of the underground station.

Slurry walls are reinforced concrete structures that: (i) enclose the tunnel, (ii) minimize the impact of the excavation on buildings in the vicinity of the facility and (iii) take the pressure of the soil and groundwater. They are formed by concreting an excavation made by a deepening machine, into which a reinforcement basket is previously inserted. Concreting of the crack is carried out only after the reinforcement is completed and is done, using the so-called Contractor method (from the bottom level), while pumping out the bentonite slurry.  

On October 5, the second session of the Construction Council was held. It was attended by representatives of the private partner and local government entities, including the Councils of Districts III Prądnik Czerwony and XV Mistrzejowice, and residents.

The second half of October was a period of intensive activities and changes. Since October 21, another stage of temporary traffic organization has been in effect. Closures and narrowing of road lanes, changes in priority relations or partial exclusions of pedestrian and bicycle routes occur on Lublańska Street, Młyńska Street and Bora Komorowskiego Avenue. For more information see [link].   

On October 24, a meeting was held between members of District Council III (Prądnik Czerwony), the works contractor and the city. The current temporary traffic organization was jointly discussed and possible changes were considered. 

Currently, the reconstruction of sanitary sewer, rainwater, water supply, telecommunications and power cables is still underway.

What will we be dealing with in November?

Starting November 18, the next phase of temporary traffic organization will begin. Residents and drivers will have to reckon with closures and narrowing of roadway lanes, which will appear on Meissnera Street and Młyńska Street. These changes will be in effect with the traffic organization introduced on October 21. For more information, see [link].  

In the vicinity of the Mateusz Iżycki Flyover, technological works related to slurry wall sinking and construction of the underground station will continue. 

Below is a short video documenting the fourth month of works: