Out of concern for urban architecture, we located one of the traction substations for the needs of powering the KST IV route underground. This is how we reduced the occupation of land for the needs of operating the facility to a minimum.

Each new tram route needs additional power to provide the cars with the right conditions for smooth traffic. The analyzes Gülermak made at the design stage show that nearly 60 km of new cables and two traction substations will be needed to operate the route of approx. 4.5 km They will be equipped with 4 rectifier units of 800 kW each.

Underground traction station = more space on the ground

The first station will be developed on the area of Bohomolca and Marchołta junction. Together with the necessary infrastructure, the facility will occupy approx. 225 sq m.

More than 10 times less ground-level space is needed for the Młyńska station, which the private partner – experienced in the construction of metro – designed in the tram route tunnel (area of the junction with Młyńska Boczna Street). – Only the entrance part of the staircase, providing access to the substation, will be located above the ground – says Maciej Wołtosz, Electrical Design Coordinator with Gülermak. The design also features a parking space for maintenance vehicles serving the facility. It is located at Młyńska Street, on the side of the entrance to the staircase.

Smooth traffic on the new route to Mistrzejowice

The two stations will streamline tram traffic on the newly designed route. Their designed power will meet the contractual provisions and support the frequency of running even every 90 seconds. In the future, part of the route will be included in the first line of the Kraków premetro.

The public entity will be responsible for the maintenance of traction substations during the period of operation, while the private partner – for the first 20 years of operation – will take over the maintenance of, among others, tunnel with underground stops, tram tracks and tram infrastructure devices.