Fewer trucks, a quiet bus fleet, narrow roadways – these are some of the assumptions to reduce road noise along the new tram route to Mistrzejowice.

We have recently announced that adjustments to reduce the acoustic nuisance associated with car traffic will be requested at the final stage of design works. Their aim is to reduce the number of noise barriers and trees to be removed as requested by the residents.

The design of Tramway route to Mistrzejowice – the last adjustments 

The Private Partner has already been asked to introduce changes and the chief designer has been requested to make the necessary adjustments. These are:

  • adopting the cross-section of the street in accordance with the current permanent traffic organization: 2×1 plus parking lanes, road width of 6.5 m in total on straight sections and the implementation of a band with a usable width of 0.75 m behind the road, along parking spaces;
  • the currently designed sidewalk (that was to serve parking spaces as well) to be converted to green area;
  • taking into account the use of a modern, silent tram rolling stock by the carrier;
  • limiting the traffic of heavy vehicles and introducing an electric bus fleet;
  • applying surfaces with improved noise-reduction parameters for locations particularly exposed to its increased level.

How will the changes affect the schedule?

Within the coming month, the Private Partner will analyze the impact of the changes requested on the costs and duration of the investment. Since their scope does not affect the investment area, the application for ZRID (road construction consent) is not necessary again. The amendment will be made only by means of supplementing the documentation.