During today’s seventh construction council, involving the residents, issues were raised about how to implement the project in the Lublańska Street area. In August last year, the Mayor of Kraków declared that changes postulated by residents would be made to the KSTIV design, within the framework of the ZRID decision. Today, after the Private Partner has presented the results of financial, formal and technical analyses, we can confirm that 10 of the 11 changes will be introduced into the design.

For 10 of the proposed changes, there is a possibility that they will be made, without affecting the completion date of the task. In the case of the correction on Lublańska Street, from Polsadu Roundabout to Barei Roundabout, on the west side, there is no such possibility. After consultations with the institutions responsible for supervising the investment, the decision was made to implement it in accordance with the ZRID decision issued.

The cost of the works in this area was estimated at PLN 6 million. In addition, the city would have to cover the cost of financing the loan associated with the extension of the project: at about PLN 10 million per month. Taking into account the time needed for corrections to the documentation, re-agreements and the procedure for the decision itself, the designer estimated the time to obtain the decision at about 6 months. This means an increase in the cost of the project by PLN 50-60 million.

On the other hand, adjustments will be made to the width of lanes and the type of replacement plantings. The space obtained by narrowing the inner lanes to a width of 3 meters will be used for greenery development on the outside. The standards of designed plantings will be raised – the circumference of trees will be 20-24 cm, or more, if possible. Species that do well in urban conditions will be used. In addition, the designer’s proposal allows to make tree plantings in two planes, which will result in the balance of greenery will not change and its quality will increase significantly. A reserve will be left to allow the introduction of noise barriers if necessary.

Once again, we assure you that, together with the Private Partner, we are making every effort to respond to the expectations of residents that we are aware of. We encourage you to contact us through the information center and hotline. We will do our best to answer your questions.

On YouTube, you will find transcripts of the construction councils, with detailed explanations by the people in charge of the investment on the adjustments made, the scope of the investment and the current progress of the work.

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VII Rada Budowy tramwaju do Mistrzejowic, KST4 w dn. 18.01.2024, Dzielnica III i Dzielnica
Source: ZDMK.pl