The construction of the tramway to Mistrzejowice is making significant progress. The project site is now being prepared for the foundational work. So, what progress has been achieved in the second month since the work began?

Throughout August, our efforts were focused on site preparation. To ensure a smooth construction process, we began by clearing trees that would have obstructed the future tramway and the reconstruction of underground networks. This tree clearance took place on Meissnera Street, Pilotów Street, Młyńska Street, Lublańska Street (east side), Dobrego Pasterza Street, Krzesławicka Street, Bohomolca Street and Jancarza Street.

Furthermore, we successfully demolished the existing earthen embankment on Krzesławicka Street and initiated the construction of retaining walls. Additionally, we took down several buildings situated on Dobrego Pasterza Street and dismantled an overhead power line, along with its supporting poles. We also cleared away any remaining remnants of previously removed billboards.

The reconstruction of the water mains on the southeast side of the Polsadu Roundabout and along Młyńska Street in the Castorama area is currently ongoing. To serve you better, a container construction office has been established near the Barei Roundabout. An information desk will be set up here soon, where the Contractor’s staff will provide updates on the project, ongoing work, and any traffic disruptions.

So, what can you expect in the coming weeks?

In September, we will commence the reconstruction of the sewer network near the Polsadu Roundabout. Simultaneously, preparations for the working platforms necessary for the construction of slurry walls in this area will begin.

Additionally, we anticipate the removal of trees that have been preserved due to active bird nests or pending analysis, for instance, in the vicinity of Lublańska Street (west side) and Meissnera (near Pszona Street).

Lastly, please note that you have until the end of this month to register for the building inventory within close proximity to the project. If your housing cooperative or property manager doesn’t handle applications, you can express your interest in participating by sending an email to Be sure to include your precise address and telephone number in the message.