The new route to Mistrzejowice ushers in major changes not only where the tracks are introduced for the first time. The current terminus will gain a new look and, above all, functionality.

It will be yet another terminus recently upgraded as part of a large municipal investment. This one is specific though. During the construction of the Łagiewnicka Route, the Kurdwanów Terminus was never completely redeveloped. It only gained the possibility of entering and leaving from the opposite side to serve tramways from Zakopiańska Street. The Krowodrza Górka Terminus currently being redeveloped will become less important. The main traffic will go to the new terminus on Górka Narodowa. Much fewer trams will end in the current location, which is also reflected in the parameters of the new infrastructure.

It will be completely different in the case of the Mistrzejowice Terminus. It will be built from scratch and its length will almost double. Once the investment is completed, it will be hosting much more trams than today.

About time

– The terminus in Mistrzejowice was launched in November 1974. It deserves a complete redevelopment after half a century – says Marcin Hanczakowski, Director of Kraków Municipal Road Authority (ZDMK). – The new version, unveiled to the residents after the works are completed, will meet all current standards. It will be much more functional and will make it easier for pedestrians to access the tram – adds the Director.

What exactly will change? Firstly, it will serve two directions: trams can go both towards Prądnik Czerwony and towards Nowa Huta. There will be two 65-meter-long platforms on the route, and two more 45-meter-long on the terminus to allow safe exit and boarding of trams. There will be modern information displays, shelters and facilities for the disabled.

For different groups

An important change will be the shift of the pedestrian crossing over Jancarza Street towards the west – the route and the travel time to

bus terminus on the opposite side will shorten. This is how the new terminus will offer easier switch between trams and buses. Right next to the tram platforms, there will also be a bus stop transferred from the intersection with Załuskich Street. Pedestrians can be sure they will no longer have to use shortcut footpaths – pavements have been designed in each major direction so that they can safely and comfortably move around the entire terminus. At the aforementioned intersection with Załuskich Street – as requested by the residents – there will be an additional right turn lane from Jancarza Street.

Designers have not forgotten about cyclists. A separate bicycle path will reach the terminus along the southern side of Jancarza Street, connected to the existing shared zone on the eastern side of the terminus. There will also be a bicycle parking. In the future, the city also plans to a bicycle path along the opposite side of Jancarza Street.

New arrangement

As announced, the terminus will be functional and green. – The terminus will be forested. Several dozen trees will be planted between the alleys, including Norway maple, black pine, warty birch and small-leaved linden. The composition will be complemented by carefully selected shrubs and grasses, including ground covering rose or tufted hairgrass. You can wait for the tram in the shade on one of the benches – says Agnieszka Gurgacz, environmental protection specialist with Gülermak.

Greenery will also be provided on two platforms from the side of Jancarza Street. The trees were designed using solutions supporting future growth of the root ball in a separate space under the pavement.