Once the tram line to Mistrzejowice is in place, the Młyńskie roundabout will become a major transfer hub. We are spreading the news about our investment plans. This time we reached local residents in ZDMK’s Mobile Information Outlet. As the Turkish custom has it, talks were held over a cup of tea served by the private partner – Gülermak.

As part of the KST IV tramway route project, the Młyńskie roundabout will become a two-level transfer hub. Initial concept for the tram route involved an above-ground track in this area. However, at the request of the public partner, an alternative solution was designed and ultimately trams will cross the roundabout in a grade-separated way: at level -1.

How will the immediate vicinity change? When will construction works start and how long will they last? These are just some of the questions asked by the local residents who decided to chat with us in the Mobile Information Outlet. On top of verbal information, we have also been distributing brochures describing the project and informing local residents where and how they can report comments and ask more questions. The event was organized by the private partner of the project – Gülermak company – which in line with the Turkish custom hosted the guests with a cup of tea.