With the completion of tree replanting for the construction of the tram line to Mistrzejowice, it is worth taking a closer look at the process. Here is a brief overview of how the trees were replanted. 

When to report trees?

The best time to replant trees is when they are dormant, i.e. early spring or late autumn and winter, when the temperature outside is positive and the soil is not frozen. During these seasons, trees are dormant, their growth and metabolic activity are limited.

What kind of trees are replanted? 

Due to their greater adaptability, mainly young trees are transplanted. They usually have smaller roots and are less complicated to transport, making the process less stressful for them.

Old trees, due to their extensive root system and longer life span, may prove less resistant to transplanting and are less likely to adapt to their new environment.

According to estimates, the limiting age that gives a prognosis for the adaptation of a transplanted tree is 20-25 years. For older trees, their chances of survival fall below 30 percent.

Replanting trees step by step

  • Assess the health of the tree, its age, size and root characteristics.
  • Reducing the crown – this will allow the plant to focus on re-rooting rather than feeding the shoots and leaves with nutrients.
  • Delineating and digging a trench at the selected target location.
  • Using a transplanting machine to precisely dig up the tree with an eye to minimizing root damage. After digging out the tree with the soil stock, the root ball is secured with a jute bag.
  • Transporting the tree and placing it in the hole dug earlier.
  • Stabilizing the trunk with stakes – this will prevent the tree from falling over.
  • Regular monitoring of the tree’s condition.

As a Private Partner, we replanted 42 trees (their location is marked in red on the map). The remaining 41* trees were replanted by the Urban Greenery Board (3 trees are in the process of replanting). 

*Updated on 25.04.2024: “The Board of Urban Greenery of Krakow informs that to date, 41 pieces of trees have been replanted by the local unit from the KST stage IV investment area. We would like to mention that, in accordance with the arrangements, it is planned to replant another 3 pieces of trees growing at the intersection of Jana Pawła II Avenue, Mogilska Street and Meissnera Street in the autumn of 2024 or spring of 2025.” – explains Katarzyna Chochół.