Ticket machines are installed in the last stage of the tram route construction, but their locations must be planned already at the design stage. Why so early? To secure power.

The contract for the construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice obliges the private partner to make the connection, power supply and prepare the foundations for the ticket machines. Ticket machines are also a source of passenger information and have been very well received in Kraków. They will be located near the new stops.

Where exactly?

at the current location of the stop: Tauron Arena Kraków Wieczysta

before the junction of Meissnera and Ugorek Streets

on the junction of Meissnera and Kazimierza Chałupnika Streets

on the Młyńskie Roundabout stop

before the junction of Młyńska and Miechowity Streets

on the Polsadu Roundabout stop

on the junction of Dobrego Pasterza and Mariana Słoneckiego Streets

on Dobrego Pasterza Street before the junction with Krzesławicka Street 

on Bohomolca Street after the junction with Kniaźnina Street

on Jancarza Street after the junction Oświecenia Residental Area

on the Mistrzejowice terminus

An overview map of the planned ticket machine locations