The construction of the tunnel that will carry the tramway to Mistrzejowice requires constant work, even during night hours. What exactly is being done, how is the excavation being carried out, and when can residents expect the round-the-clock work to be completed? 

A key component of the tunnel’s construction are slurry walls, reinforced concrete structures that encase the tunnel, minimize the impact of the excavation on buildings in the vicinity of the structure, and take the pressure of the soil and groundwater. They are formed by concreting an excavation made by a deep excavator named Stefan. The excavations extend more than 20 meters into the ground.

Work on the diaphragm walls is carried out around the clock, even at night. The uninterrupted concreting process is essential for optimal results. The method of work used leaves no possibility of stopping concreting, and interruptions in the process could lead to serious construction defects.

Construction of a tunnel on the section from the Polsad roundabout to the Barei roundabout – until when?

Currently, construction of a tunnel is underway from the Polsad traffic circle to the Barei traffic circle. Night work on this stretch will continue until May 29.

In June, the reconstruction of underground networks will proceed on Lublańska street, with work scheduled on weekdays from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, as well as on Saturdays.

From June 24 onward, night work will resume, and all slurry wall construction on Lublańska Street is expected to be completed around August 20. The streetcar will emerge from the tunnel near the Barei traffic circle.

In early September, the Stefan deep-drawer will return to the area around the Polsad traffic circle and head south towards the Młyńskie traffic circle.