Although the construction of the tramway route to Mistrzejowice has only just begun, and its completion is scheduled for the end of 2025, from the perspective of public transport passengers the most important and most frequently asked question is: where will the new tramway stops be located? We bring you the answers.

The project area includes not only dense residential development, but also areas that generate a lot of traffic: office zones, shopping centers, a cinema or a water park. Therefore, the locations of the bus stops have been designed to provide residents with the widest possible access to these places.

The project involves the construction of new and redevelopment of existing tram stops. Here are their locations:

  • at the intersection of Jana Pawła II Avenue and Meissnera Street,
  • in the area of Ugorek Street,
  • in the area of the intersections with Mieczyslawa Pszona and Kazimierza Chałupnika Streets,
  • in the area of Młyńskie Roundabout (underground stop),
  • in the area of Polsadu Roundabout (underground stop),
  • in the area of Barei Roundabout, on Dobrego Pasterza Street,
  • on Dobrego Pasterza Street in the area of Krzesławicka Street,
  • on Bohomolca Street in the area of Kniaźnina Street,
  • on Jancarza Street in the area of Oświecenia Housing Estate,
  • on the redeveloped Mistrzejowice terminus.

Each stop will have a shelter to protect it from the sun and rain. In addition, where technically possible, new plantings have been designed on tram and bus platforms. Thanks to the use of a special anti-compression system, the roots of the common maple ‘Globosum’ will have free space to grow under the sidewalk and roadway.

Underground stops near Młyńskie Roundabout and Polsadu Roundabout will be accessible by traditional stairs, elevators and escalators. Underground areas will feature ramps and boarding areas adapted for the disabled [more information].