The year 2023 was marked by many challenges on the construction of the Kraków Fast Tram to Mistrzejowice. Here’s the summary of the most significant events of the past year.

We started the new year with a positive event – on January 30 we signed a direct contract for the fourth stage of the Krakow Fast Tram extension. This marks the completion of several years of documentation and work on financing the largest transportation project in Poland.

On May 9, we received the Permit for Implementation of Road Investment (ZRID). Obtaining the ZRID was a milestone for us, paving the way to begin construction of the tram route. Read more: [link].

The construction of Fast Tram IV in Krakow was met with intense public reactions. As a result, we have made efforts to alleviate residents’ concerns. A series of consultation meetings were held, during which the opinions and comments of the local community were collected. In an effort to take into account the voice of residents, we have made modifications to the project, aimed at minimizing the negative impact of the investment on the surrounding environment and the comfort of residents’ daily lives. Since autumn, residents have also participated in construction councils (first once a month, then in biweekly cycles).

In June, we introduced Stage I of the temporary traffic organization, and from July we began preparatory work for the reconstruction of the infrastructure and construction of the streetcar line. We spent the entire summer on intensive site preparation, including demolition, cutting of trees colliding with the planned infrastructure and work on reconstruction of underground networks.

We began September with meetings with residents. Construction Councils, attended by the public, are an excellent opportunity to learn directly from representatives of the Private Partner and Local Government Entities about the ongoing investment.

At the beginning of autumn, preparations for the construction of the underground stop “Polsadu Roundabout” began. First of all, we focused on performing the necessary control digging and preparing the working platforms for the deepening machine. By the end of September, we also conducted visual inspections of buildings and apartments located in the zone of influence of the investment. Since July, we have managed to survey nearly 500 apartments.

In the first week of October, in the vicinity of the Mateusza Iżyckiego Flyover, we started the main part of the geotechnical work and began excavations exceeding 20 meters in depth, creating the slurry walls of the “Rondo Polsadu” underground station. You can find more about what slurry walls are: [link].

Since October 21, the residents of the northern part of Krakow have been subject to the 2nd stage of temporary traffic organization, related to the reconstruction of underground networks and construction of the tunnel. The closures and narrowing of road lanes, changes in priority relations or partial exclusions of pedestrian and bicycle routes include Lublańska and Młyńska Streets and Bora Komorowskiego Avenue. Meanwhile, as of November 18, additional closures and narrowing of roadway lanes have appeared on Meissnera Street and Młyńska Street. More: [link].

At the same time, the deepening machine “Lucjan” appeared on our construction site, which meant the return of slurry wall sinking and construction of the underground stop “Rondo Polsadu”. More: [link].

In the penultimate month of the year, we also visited kindergartens as part of the educational workshop “Little Champions – tram to Mistrzejowice”. Through play, we showed the youngest how the construction of the streetcar line looks like, and discussed safety issues applicable at the construction site. More: [link].

In December, we focused on the implementation of the “Polsadu Roundabout” station construction project. We also began work on the Młyńskie Roundabout, including the construction of working platforms for the “Młyńskie Roundabout” station, the construction of the turnout chamber station exits for the pre-metro – in terms of diaphragm walls, and the construction of the new Sudół Dominikański watercourse.

The past year is the time when we began essential work on the construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice. In the coming 2024, the work will continue, and its effects will become even more visible. We will focus on the construction of the tunnel, which will run under the Młyńskie Roundabout and the Polsadu Roundabout, the reconstruction and construction of the Sudół Dominikański and underground infrastructure.