A month has already passed since the start of construction of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice. During this time, the focus was on preparing the site for the redevelopment of the underground infrastructure and for the construction of the tracks.

Our first task was to properly prepare the site. We started the work by removing conflicting elements. This involved demolishing several commercial premises and cutting down trees. We also began work on rebuilding the water mains on the southeast side of the Polsadu Roundabout and demolished the earthen embankment at Krzesławicka Street – says Krzysztof Dziobek, Contract Director from Gülermak. – As we are getting closer to the core works, we have also started the process of inventorying buildings in the close vicinity of the investment – he adds.

Residents who are interested in having their buildings inventoried still have the opportunity to register. You can find more information on this topic HERE

Below is a short video documenting the first month of work: