On 26 April, representatives of the KST IV project met with councilors of District XV to answer questions from both councilors and residents. Below is a summary of those questions and the answers given.

  • When do we plan to start construction?

Work will begin once the construction permit (ZRID decision) has been received and the City of Kraków has handed over the construction site. We expect this to be possible later this spring. The first stage will include cleanup work along the entire planned streetcar line and the first translations of underground networks, with particular emphasis on work on the section of the future tunnel

  • When will work begin in the Mistrzejowice district?

We will start with site preparation: coring, reinforcement and the necessary vegetation clearing. Basic work in the Mistrzejowice district, according to plans, will begin in the last quarter of this year.

  • Is it possible to hold a meeting with the residents of District XV to get a better idea of the investment’s action plan?

The possibility of holding a meeting is negotiated.

  • Will the work be carried out only during the day?

Much of the work will be carried out during the day. However, we allow for the possibility that some tasks will have to be performed at night.

  • Are there plans to use grease traps near the curve on Krzesławicka Street?

Yes, lubricators will be used on this section.

  • When do we plan to complete the work?

It is hoped that the works can be carried out on schedule. The planned completion date is the end of 2025.