The construction of a 4.5-kilometer tram route to Mistrzejowice is well underway, with plans to put it into operation by 2025. Recent weeks have been dedicated to intensive site preparation, the reconstruction of underground infrastructure, and the establishment of a site for the future track construction.

The construction of the Kraków Fast Tram (stage IV) commenced in the early days of July. This new route will significantly enhance the accessibility of public transportation for residents of Mistrzejowice and Prądnik Czerwony, who currently rely primarily on bus services.

In a special reportage prepared for your viewing, you will witness the initial construction activities and related efforts, such as road inventory and inspections of apartments and buildings in close proximity to the project. We’ve also delved into the work of nature supervision, which comprises ornithologists and theriologists. Their responsibilities include checking for active nests on the trees slated for removal, to ensure they aren’t inhabited by wildlife.

In the near future, we are scheduled to initiate the reconstruction of sewer, water, telecommunications, and energy networks.

Thanks to the lens of our camera, you’ll have the opportunity to witness these developments firsthand.