Night works in the area of Miechowity Street

We would like to remind you that works related to the construction of the streetcar line to Mistrzejowice are carried out on working days from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. However, in special cases, the works must be carried out with minimal traffic.

Beginning Monday, April 8, works related to the reconstruction of the Dominican Sudol in the area of Miechowity Street will continue at night times for two consecutive nights.

We ask for your understanding.

We are making every effort to ensure that the activities proceed smoothly and, above all, safely.

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Happy Hallelujah!

A peaceful and cheerful Easter, full of love and family warmth wishes Gülermak!

You are cordially invited to visit us after Christmas. Our Information Point is located at the Barei traffic circle, we are open on Mondays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on other weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

You are welcome!

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Reconstruction of Krzesławicka Street

Work on the construction of a new water main is scheduled to begin April 8. As they will be carried out in the existing roadway, access to properties will be provided by the track substructure that is currently being performed.

After the water mains are repiped, work will begin on the construction of a storm sewer system and the reconstruction of a section of the sanitary sewer system. After that, road works will begin.

In addition, appropriate information and organizational measures will be taken. There will be information for residents of Krzeslawicka Street before the work begins. Access roads will be marked, and the work area will be fenced. The pedestrian thoroughfare along the reconstructed section will be preserved. After the road scope is completed, the roadway will be opened to residents, and work will continue on the track.

We ask for your understanding.

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Interruption in the use of a road section

We would like to inform you that in connection with the excavation necessary for the reconstruction of the gas network, a section of Dobrego Pasterza Street located between the Tertium Business Park building and the area of the Municipal Police Station will be closed to traffic.

The work will be carried out between 8 am and 3 pm, and during this time the entrance and exit to Lublańska Street will be closed in this area.

The exact location of the closed section is marked on the map. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Replacement parking at KS Wieczysta stadium

Due to the construction of MV 15 kV cable lines, it will be necessary to disable part of the parking lot at 4 Meissnera St. We request that you direct your vehicles to the substitute parking lot at the KS Wieczysta stadium for the duration of our work.

Expected date of execution of works: 18-20.03.2024 r.

Exclusion area marked in the figure below.

Replacement parking for the duration of the works will be the parking lot at the KS Wieczysta stadium.

Note: Entry/exit possible from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm.

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Breakdown on Meissner Street

Today, in the afternoon, an incident occurred while working on an existing water main. The incident posed no danger to residents or workers and will not affect the schedule of ongoing work. It also did not cause an interruption in water supply.

The work was carried out in accordance with applicable regulations and in compliance with health and safety rules. During the manual excavation of an existing water pipe, where the water was under high pressure, the pipe broke, causing local flooding of our excavation. This is a situation that can occur during work in cities where there is a dense network of underground infrastructure.

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Partial closure of Miechowity Street

In connection with the construction of a new route of the Dominican Sudo as part of the Tram to Mistrzejowice project, traffic organization in the area of Mlynska and Miechowity streets will change starting March 16. Miechowity Street will be closed, and there will be narrowing on Mlynska Street. 

What will change?   

  • The existing switch on Mlynska Street will be moved north, towards the Polsad traffic circle.  
  • At the connection of Miechowity Street with Mlynska Street, vehicular traffic will be closed – a detour will be possible through Stanislaw ze Skalbmierza Street. At the same time, public transportation will run in this place on the current route and shuttle traffic will be introduced on a paved widening, available only for public transport vehicles and construction.
  • The bus stop “Miechowity 03” will be moved to the intersection of Bohaterów Wietnamu Street and Młyńska Street.

The new traffic organization will be introduced on March 16, starting at 5:00 am, and will last until August.

Update on 15.03.2024:

We inform you that in connection with Thursday’s field meeting (14.03.2024) of representatives of the Board of Roads of the City of Krakow, the Municipal Traffic Engineer, the Board of Public Transportation, the contractor and the public party, a decision has been made to maintain the possibility of entering passenger cars from Mlynska Street into Miechowity Street. The MIR has pledged to analyze and approve the proposed changes as soon as possible. In turn, the contractor is ready to implement the corrections approved by the traffic organizer.

At the same time, we emphasize that due to the complexity and extensiveness of the work related to the reconstruction of the Dominican River, the exact location of which will be known at the time of the uncovering after the COR, it may be necessary to return to the original design of the temporary traffic organization, i.e. to make the entrance to Miechowity Street available only to public transport vehicles and the construction of the

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Summary of work in February

This is the eighth month of work on the construction of the tram line to Mistrzejowice. What is the progress so far and what awaits us in March? We bring you the answers.

Due to the ongoing construction of the tunnel, a temporary traffic organization (COR stage 2.3) was introduced on February 24. There were closures and narrowing of roadways. On Lublańska Street, traffic between the Polsad traffic circle and the Barei traffic circle will only travel on the western roadway, where one lane for each direction has been designated. In addition, there is a temporary intersection with Lublańska Street at the level of the exit from Promienistych Street, where vehicle traffic from and to Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue is redirected. More.

Intensive work on the rebuilding of the Dominican Sudol continued throughout the month. By the end of the month we had installed 87 prefabricated elements, which give a total length of as much as 174m of new channel. More.

Three sessions of the Construction Council were held this month (January 1, 15 and 29), attended by representatives of the Private Partner and Local Government Entities, including the Councils of Districts III Prądnik Czerwony and XV Mistrzejowice, and interested residents.   

At the end of February, a meeting was held with residents regarding plantings in the Lublańska Street area. Together with representatives of the Board of Urban Greenery in Krakow, we discussed the details in terms of species of trees and shrubs, their exposure and optimization of the layout that meets the needs of residents.

What will happen in March?

In the middle of the month, it is planned to implement temporary traffic organization stage 2.4. The changes will apply to Mlynska Street and move the current switch to the north. In addition, the intersection of Miechowity Street and Mlynska Street will be excluded, and access will be via a detour through Stanislaw ze Skalbmierza Street.

We are beginning preparations and leveling of the ground for the performance of reinforced concrete work on the “Polsad Roundabout” station, and we will weld the heads of the carboys, i.e. the target pillars supporting the station floor. In March, we will also begin the sinking of diaphragm walls at the “Rondo Młyńskie” station and the KST turnout chamber. This will be the start of construction work at this stage of tunneling works. In addition, the work will also include the construction of platforms at the Mlynski traffic circle, under the flyover along Bora Komorowskiego Street and the excavation for their construction on Lublanska Street.

We will continue work related to the Dominican River Sudo, which includes, among other things, the further installation of prefabricated elements and the gutting of the western section of Mlynska Street. 

As in previous months, the reconstruction of numerous underground networks will continue.

Below is a video documenting the eighth month of work:

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Obstructions to pedestrian traffic on Meissner Street

As of Monday, March 4, pedestrians on a section of Meissner Street will face difficulties. Traffic will be redirected from the sidewalk located on the west side to the east sidewalk. The difficulties will last a week. 

Due to preparatory work related to the reconstruction of underground networks, as of Monday, March 4, the sidewalk on Meissnera Street between the pedestrian crossing by the Wieczysta Krakow Sports Club stadium and the pedestrian crossing on Chałupnika Street will be closed. 

The obstructions will last for a week, until Monday, March 11.

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The world’s longest tram line

The tram is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and popular means of transport. Where on the map can we find the place where we can savour such a journey for the longest time? It turns out that we don’t have to look far.

Kusttram-the world’s longest tram line-is located in Belgium. It is an intercity tram system that connects Adinkerke to Knokke-Heist railway station, running through Nieuwpoort, Ostend and Zeebrugge. The record-breaking line is 67 km long and consists of 67 stops. The journey time on the low-floor tram is 2 hours 30 minutes.

An added bonus of this route is the picturesque views. The Custtram runs along the Belgian coastline and tram passengers can see the North Sea from the windows of the carriages right next to the track. Due to its location, the line is commonly referred to as the ‘beach tram’ or ‘coastal tram’. During the peak summer season, the depots carry up to 3 million passengers a day.

The line is hugely popular and an extension is envisaged as part of the Neptune plan. The extension would reach Dunkirk in France and Breskens in the Netherlands. The narrow-gauge route has been in existence for 139 years. It has been continuously modernised, with the most recent section opened in 1998.

What is the longest tramway line in Poland?

Today, the longest tram line can be found in Warsaw. It is a tram with the number 10, which runs for 24.5 km, stops at 54 stops and has a journey time of 82 minutes.

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