Request has been filed for a Road Construction Consent (RCC) decision for the tram route to Mistrzejowice. Once approved, it will pave the way for launching the construction of one of key investments in northern Kraków.

The design stage of KST IV (Meissnera – Mistrzejowice) enters its key phase. “Recent months have brought major changes to the design from the point of view of Kraków residents. The infrastructure for the planned pre-metro and the tram at Strzelców street has been taken into account. This translates into time and money savings for future investment projects” – says Andrzej Kulig, Deputy Mayor of Kraków for social and municipal policy.

Although tunnel extension and underground turnout chambers at its ends impacted the design works schedule, the request a RCC decision was filed at the beginning of January. Since the tram route is implemented in the PPP model, the private partner – the consortium of PPP Solutions Polska and Gülermak – is responsible for completing documents necessary to launch the project implementation phase and for ensuring financing.

The construction of tramway route to Mistrzejowice to kick off in 2022

“The documentation has been compiled by a project team of several dozen people and after a number of analyses and arrangements, including with the owners of the networks at the site of the future construction site as well as with units responsible for the safety of road users or water management” – says Paweł Motyka, Deputy Project Manager at Gülermak. “We hope that thanks to the joint effort by the public entity and the private partner at the stage of the procedure for issuing the RCC decision, we will soon be able to enter the construction site”.

During the request for RCC decision procedure, the private partner will continue working on the design documentation, including: detailed phasing of works, permanent and temporary traffic organization in the investment area and the technical design.

Clean and passenger-friendly transportation

In line with the updated schedule, the residents of Kraków will benefit from the fast tram route at the end of 2024. Once operational, it will shorten the travel time from Mistrzejowice to the city center by approx. 12 minutes and will eliminate any changes and significantly improve public transport experience. The investment will also improve the safety of vulnerable road users – sidewalks and bicycle paths will comply with applicable regulations. New plantings have been planned along the route and the species of trees and shrubs selected will be resistant to harsh urban conditions. The solutions have been designed using environmentally friendly technologies, including energy-saving LED lighting, renewable energy-powered track lubricators, “green stops” and “green trackbed” featuring sedum mats. Some stops will have photovoltaic cells.

“Our project fully leverages on the benefits available under the PPP model. One key advantage is that it does not burden the administration’s public debt. This project model makes the private partner’s remuneration dependent on the availability of the new route which ensures high standard of infrastructure performance and maintenance for 20 years” – says Marcin Hanczakowski, Director of Kraków Municipal Road Authority (ZDMK).

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