Construction of tramway to Mistrzejowice kicks off

The first preparatory work for the redevelopment of the technical infrastructure and the construction of the tram route will begin this coming Monday: 3 July.

In the coming weeks, our activities will primarily involve site preparation and the implementation of earthworks related to the redevelopment of underground infrastructure. These works will also involve cutting down trees in areas that interfere with the planned new routes of this infrastructure. Nevertheless, our primary goal is to avoid trees and shrubs that are located in areas where we are analyzing the possibility of making changes. This is aligned with the expectations of residents.

The mayor of Krakow declared on Thursday, 29 June, that within a month final decisions will be made on the possibility of taking into account the demands of residents. Until the answers are published, we will continue our work: avoiding areas that may be subject to adjustments.

At first, we will focus on work on the southeast side of the Polsadu Roundabout, heading towards the Młyńskie Roundabout. Then we will work in the area of Lublańska Street on the eastern side towards the Barei Roundabout, and later from the Barei Roundabout to Mistrzejowice. Finally, work will be carried out from the Młyńskie Roundabout to Jana Pawła II Avenue and in the area of Lublańska Street on the west side due to the consideration of residents’ demands.

Starting Monday, signs will be located along the route of the project: informing of construction works and tree cutting. In connection with the first stage of the temporary traffic organization, there will be local narrowing of road lanes and temporary exclusions of pedestrian and bicycle routes.

Every effort will be made to minimize inconvenience and ensure the safety of residents during the implementation of these works.

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Answers to residents’ questions after the meeting

During the meetings, we tried to provide as much information about the project as possible. Due to limited time, we did not answer all the questions and suggestions raised. As declared, we present a summary of questions and answers.

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Thank you again for your commitment and participation!

We also remind you about today’s site meeting.

On Friday, 23 June 2023, representatives of ZDMK and the General Contractor will meet with residents. Four locations along the projected route of the tram route have been selected, where representatives of the Kraków City Roads Authority and the private partner will be available for about an hour.

Meeting schedule and meeting locations:

  • 16:00 – green area at the intersection of Chalupnika and Meissnera streets.
  • Approximately 17:00 – Barei Roundbaout – green area on the southeast side of the traffic circle (in the area of the municipal guard building).
  • 18:00 – green area at the intersection of Dobrego Pasterza and Krzesławicka Streets.
  • Around 7:00 pm – parking lot at the church in Mistrzejowice.

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Meeting with residents on site

This Friday, June 23, 2023, we invite you to a meeting with residents at the construction site of the Tram to Mistrzejowice. This is another opportunity to talk and learn about the design of the newly created infrastructure.

We have completed a series of six online meetings, which were an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the planned organization of the construction site and changes in the organization of traffic.

During the moderated broadcasts, questions could be asked about individual design solutions. Answers were given by representatives of the contractor and municipal units. Their role was also to adopt comments that could be taken into account at the stage of the detailed design. In the coming days, we will also publish answers to your questions, which we did not manage to answer during the session.

Interested residents are invited this Friday, June 23, 2023, for field meetings. Four locations along the planned route of the tram line have been selected, where representatives of the Road Administration of the City of Krakow and a private partner will be available for about an hour.

Meeting schedule and meeting locations:

  • 16:00 – green area at the intersection of Chalupnika and Meissnera streets.
  • Approximately 17:00 – Barei Roundbaout – green area on the southeast side of the traffic circle (in the area of the municipal guard building).
  • 18:00 – green area at the intersection of Dobrego Pasterza and Krzesławicka Streets.
  • Around 7:00 pm – parking lot at the church in Mistrzejowice.

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Project documentation for residents

At the request of Residents who participate in ongoing informational meetings, we are publishing simplified names of project documentation.

The documentation in the June 9 entry included the original file names we use in our communications with city entities and designers. Our intention was to reproduce the shape of the project documentation to avoid possible confusion.

Due to the fact that the way the files were presented did not meet your expectations we are publishing the files again. We have changed their names to make it easier for you to navigate through the documentation.

Below you will find the Land Use Plan, Management of Existing Greenery, Greenery Project and Traffic Forecast:

Volume 1.II Land Development Project

Volume 16.1 Green Management

Volume 16.2. Planting project

Traffic forecasts

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Materials for informational meetings with residents

With additional informational meetings with residents coming up, we encourage you to review the documentation approved in the ZRID decision.

This coming Monday we will begin a series of five additional meetings with residents. Below are the dates, times and links to each meeting:

Update 14.06 : Due to technical problems during Tuesday’s broadcast, the meeting for the Meissnera Street area will be repeated:

During the meetings, representatives of the private partner and city entities will discuss details of the design solutions with residents. Participants will also have the opportunity to make comments that are likely to be taken into account at the detailed design stage.

Below is the documentation:

Volume 1.II Land Development Project

Volume 16.1 Green Management

Volume 16.2. Planting project

Traffic forecasts

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Information meetings with residents

In response to emerging questions and comments on the planned construction of a tram route to Mistrzejowice, we invite you to additional information meetings. Representatives of the private partner and city authorities will discuss details of the design solutions with residents. Participants will also have the opportunity to make comments that are likely to be taken into account at the stage of the detailed design.

During the 111th session of the Kraków City Council, held on 31 May, Deputy Mayor Andrzej Kulig presented plans for the construction of a tram route to Mistrzejowice. At a specially prepared information desk, councilors had the opportunity to ask questions to the contract director from Gülermak and the designers. This gave us the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the investment, such as the work schedule, the impact of construction on local communities and the environment. The session also included a discussion with councilors and participants, after which Deputy Mayor Andrzej Kulig pledged to hold meetings with residents.

City invites to meetings

– We are keen to make the organized meetings as factual as possible, so we want to focus on specific sections of the ongoing investment. This will make it easier for residents to express their opinion on the detailed solutions adopted near their place of residence,” explains Andrzej Kulig, deputy mayor of Krakow. – Until the doubts that arise are jointly clarified, the contractor will carry out work only in those places that do not arouse controversy. 

There will be 5 meetings with representatives of the private partner, representatives of municipal entities and companies involved in the development of project documentation:

Update 14.06 : Due to technical problems during Tuesday’s broadcast, the meeting for the Meissnera Street area will be repeated:

All meetings will be conducted in an online format to efficiently discuss the details of the site and allow access to graphic presentations, plans and other documents regarding the planned construction of the streetcar line to Mistrzejowice. This form of communication will also allow the participation of people from different locations and enable active participation of residents in the discussion.

Anyone interested will be able to participate via the zoom app.

Phase I of the temporary traffic organization has begun

As stipulated in the agreement between the Public Entity and the Private Partner, the construction site was officially handed over to the general contractor, Gülermak, on June 1.

As of Friday, 2 June, Phase I of the temporary traffic organization is in effect. You can read about local sidewalk closures and sectional lane closures [here].

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May press conference at Kraków City Hall

On 26 May, a press conference was held at Krakow’s city hall for the last time before work begins. Representatives of the city authority and the contractor, Gülermak, summarized the work to date on the investment and the plan for green space around the new route.

– Kraków, like all major cities, is struggling with the negative consequences of climate change. It is extremely important to counteract the symptoms of these changes, such as flooding and waterlogging. Many parts of our city are becoming heat islands, so we are carrying out a number of different activities that reduce these problems. One of the most important tasks in this regard is the maintenance and even expansion of green areas, which is in conflict with investments that, by their very nature, involve the preparation of land for various types of facilities: cubic or linear. Our intention is that the investment should, on the one hand, achieve its goals – to connect important areas of the city that have so far been deprived of this kind of rail transportation, and at the same time that we do it in an environmentally friendly way,” said Deputy Mayor Andrzej Kulig.

The first preparatory work will begin as early as June, following the transfer of plots of land for the construction site to the contractor.


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Znak drogowy, skrzyżowanie ul.Lublańskiej-Młyńskiej-Bora-komorowskiego

Traffic organization during preparatory works

Once the plots of land for the construction of the new connection to Mistrzejowice have been handed over, cleanup work will begin, preparing the site for the start of the main work. In the first stage, residents will face short-term and local narrowing of traffic lanes, sidewalks or bicycle paths along the entire project, as well as restrictions at the Polsad Roundabout.

It is impossible to start work without proper preparation of the construction site – removal of conflicting objects, organization of construction facilities or securing the site. From the point of view of traffic users at the stage of cleanup work, activities carried out on the outside of the road lane and in the roadway dividing strip will be important. The contractor will carry out tree cutting and demolition of objects, as well as the necessary network rewiring. They will proceed successively starting from the intersection of Mogilska, Lema, Meissnera and Jana Pawła II streets towards the terminus in Mistrzejowice, which involves local narrowing of the road lane or partial exclusions of pedestrian and bicycle paths from use. The work site will be properly marked and secured. Bus communication will function without changes. If necessary, existing bus stops will be temporarily out of service, and substitute stops will be designated in their vicinity.

In addition, the reconstruction of the stormwater drainage system will be carried out already during the initial construction period, with the aim of changing the drainage of the flyover over the Polsadu Roundabout. The traffic organization, which will be divided into several sub-stages, is shown in the diagrams below.

General rules of traffic organization during the construction of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice

  • a minimum of 10 major phases of temporary traffic organization are planned, but each will be divided into sub-stages involving relatively minor modifications
  • Almost throughout the construction period, traffic obstructions will occur in the area of the tunnel section, i.e. at the Polsadu Roundabout, on Młyńska and Lublańska streets; in other sections, restrictions will occur temporarily at various stages of construction
  • separate traffic organization projects may include intersections to ensure their maximum capacity for ongoing work
  • During the entire period scheduled for the execution of the works, the traffic of bus lines running along the construction site and vehicular traffic on the flyover over the Polsadu Roundabout (Bora-Komorowskiego Avenue) will be maintained
  • individual projects of temporary traffic organization will be consulted and agreed each time with various institutions, including the police, the City Traffic Engineer, the road manager or the organizer of public transport
  • Temporary changes in streetcar service through Mogilska Street and Jana Pawła II Avenue and reaching the Mistrzejowice terminus are planned for 2025
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Sygnalizacja świetlna z zapalonym zielonym światłem

Tramway to Mistrzejowice with building permit

There is a green light to begin work on the construction of the tram route to Mistrzejowice. Following the handover of land by the Kraków City Roads Authority, the Private Partner will begin organizing the construction site and preparatory work. According to the current schedule, the new infrastructure will be ready by the end of 2025.

The project for a tram route to Mistrzejowice received permission for a road investment project (ZRID) on 9 May 2023. – Obtaining the ZRID is a milestone that will enable us to begin construction of the tram route. Like the residents, we have been waiting for this moment for a long time,” says Krzysztof Dziobek, contract director from Gülermak.

Changes to benefit users

Due to residents’ demands, the Public Entity recommended that the Private Partner make modifications to the original design. These resulted in, among other things, a reduction in noise intensity and the number of noise barriers. This was achieved by reducing the cross-section of Meissnera Street, which allowed additional space for green areas and plantings. In addition, thanks to the contractor’s commitment, it was possible to preserve an additional 200 trees that interfered with the planned infrastructure.

Earlier, the designers of the streetcar line extended the underground route under the Polsadu Roundabout and the Młyńskie Roundabout to more than 1.2 kilometers, and adapted it to serve the future “pre-metro”. The collision-free routing of the tramway at level -1 is important not only from the point of view of traffic organization at intersections, but also contributes to reducing inconvenience for residents. – The road to approval was bumpy, but the changes made took into account the needs of the local community and helped increase the benefits for all stakeholders,” Krzysztof Dziobek concludes.

In parallel with the design work, the Private Partner conducted negotiations to obtain financing for the construction and maintenance of the streetcar line for 20 years. The direct agreement signed in January by representatives of the parties to the project (Private Partner, Public Entity) and the financing institutions: European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Bank Pekao SA and the Polish Development Fund confirmed that the project meets the highest international standards.

Resident-friendly public transportation

Thanks to this investment, travel time from the northern part of Kraków to the center will be reduced by about 12 minutes, which will certainly improve the attractiveness of public transportation for residents. As a result, the projected car traffic on this route will be reduced. In addition, the safety of pedestrians and cyclists will be improved thanks to the adaptation of sidewalks and bicycle paths to current regulations. New plantings will appear along the entire route, and tree and shrub species will be specially selected for the demanding urban conditions. The project also includes the use of environmentally friendly technologies, such as energy-efficient LED lighting, track lubricators, “green stops” and “green track” using sedum mats.

First, the preparatory work

The start of the first works depends on the handover of the site by the Public Entity, which should take place in the coming weeks. After taking over the site, the Private Partner will proceed with the necessary preparatory work, which will take about 3 months. During this time, there may be local, short-term changes in traffic organization, of which residents will be informed in advance. In the next stage, work will begin on reconstruction of underground network collisions.

– In Kraków, we look at infrastructure projects in the long term. On the timeline, the implementation of the construction and the difficulties associated with it are only a prelude to a completely new stage of functioning of the revitalized areas. Although difficult, it is temporary and leads to a real change in the quality of life in the city,” says Jacek Majchrowski, Mayor of Kraków.

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April meeting with District XV councilors

On 26 April, representatives of the KST IV project met with councilors of District XV to answer questions from both councilors and residents. Below is a summary of those questions and the answers given.

  • When do we plan to start construction?

Work will begin once the construction permit (ZRID decision) has been received and the City of Kraków has handed over the construction site. We expect this to be possible later this spring. The first stage will include cleanup work along the entire planned streetcar line and the first translations of underground networks, with particular emphasis on work on the section of the future tunnel

  • When will work begin in the Mistrzejowice district?

We will start with site preparation: coring, reinforcement and the necessary vegetation clearing. Basic work in the Mistrzejowice district, according to plans, will begin in the last quarter of this year.

  • Is it possible to hold a meeting with the residents of District XV to get a better idea of the investment’s action plan?

The possibility of holding a meeting is negotiated.

  • Will the work be carried out only during the day?

Much of the work will be carried out during the day. However, we allow for the possibility that some tasks will have to be performed at night.

  • Are there plans to use grease traps near the curve on Krzesławicka Street?

Yes, lubricators will be used on this section.

  • When do we plan to complete the work?

It is hoped that the works can be carried out on schedule. The planned completion date is the end of 2025.

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