24/7 work on the tunnel

The construction of the tunnel that will carry the tramway to Mistrzejowice requires constant work, even during night hours. What exactly is being done, how is the excavation being carried out, and when can residents expect the round-the-clock work to be completed? 

A key component of the tunnel’s construction are slurry walls, reinforced concrete structures that encase the tunnel, minimize the impact of the excavation on buildings in the vicinity of the structure, and take the pressure of the soil and groundwater. They are formed by concreting an excavation made by a deep excavator named Stefan. The excavations extend more than 20 meters into the ground.

Work on the diaphragm walls is carried out around the clock, even at night. The uninterrupted concreting process is essential for optimal results. The method of work used leaves no possibility of stopping concreting, and interruptions in the process could lead to serious construction defects.

Construction of a tunnel on the section from the Polsad roundabout to the Barei roundabout – until when?

Currently, construction of a tunnel is underway from the Polsad traffic circle to the Barei traffic circle. Night work on this stretch will continue until May 29.

In June, the reconstruction of underground networks will proceed on Lublańska street, with work scheduled on weekdays from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, as well as on Saturdays.

From June 24 onward, night work will resume, and all slurry wall construction on Lublańska Street is expected to be completed around August 20. The streetcar will emerge from the tunnel near the Barei traffic circle.

In early September, the Stefan deep-drawer will return to the area around the Polsad traffic circle and head south towards the Młyńskie traffic circle.

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Interruption of use of a section of roadway

We would like to inform you that due to works related to the gas network, a section of Kwartowa Street will be closed to traffic on Thursday, May 9th.  

The work is planned to be carried out between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., with the possibility of a slight extension if necessary.

During this time, entry and exit on Good Shepherd Street will be restricted in this area. Manual traffic control will be implemented.

The exact location of the closed section is marked on the map.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Progressive reconstruction of heat pipeline

Another section of the parking lot on Meissner Street will be shut down on May 6 due to work on the reconstruction of a heat pipeline.

The parking lot exclusion area is expanded by the marked section.

Replacement parking

Replacement parking is located at 6 Pilots Street – Castorama (spaces on the side of Mlynska Street) and on Pilots Street opposite Pilot Tower on the closed section of the road.  

In addition, we inform that there may be difficulties between Ugorek and Janickiego streets.

Read more.

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Information Center closed on May 2

We would like to inform you that on May 2 our Information Center and hotline will be closed. We cordially invite you to visit us after the long May weekend.

The Information Center is located near the intersection of Dobrego Pasterza and Strzelców streets, in the immediate vicinity of our construction office and almost halfway along the route of the streetcar line under construction. At the post, residents can obtain detailed information about the progress of the investment, including construction technology, work schedule, progress and the current traffic organization.

We welcome you on Mondays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and Tuesday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

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Professional City Life – transportation and communication

As a partner of the project, we cordially invite you to participate in a free workshop, during which you will gain the knowledge and materials needed to create your own film reportage entitled. “Professional Life of the City.” This is a unique opportunity to learn about the tasks of those involved in the implementation of the Tramway to Mistrzejowice project and get to know their natural working environment.

On the initiative of the Specialized Psychological and Pedagogical Counseling Center called “Krakow Career Center” and in cooperation with MPK and the Museum of Engineering and Technology in Krakow, we invite you to participate in the project entitled. “Professional Life of the City.” The purpose of the event is to cause participants to increase their knowledge of the city’s development and to induce reflection on the professions that are essential to ensure its continuous, uninterrupted functioning. In this year’s pilot edition of the project, we are focusing on issues related to urban transportation and communication.

To participate in the project, we invite pupils in the seventh grade of Krakow elementary schools – young people facing the choice of further education and career planning. We offer participation in free workshops, during which participants will gather knowledge and materials to prepare a film report entitled. “Professional Life of the City.” The three best reports will be awarded. The following criteria will be important in the evaluation:

  • compliance with the theme (presentation of professions related to the development of the city, especially transportation and communication);
  • inclusion of “socially relevant” issues, i.e. accessibility for people with disabilities, development;
  • ingenuity, originality and overall artistic expression of the presentation of the topic.

In preparing the competition work, it will be necessary to use the knowledge gained during the thematic workshops.

More information.

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Exclusion of the parking lot along Meissner 4 and 6 buildings

Starting next Monday, April 22, another section of the parking lot on Meissner Street will be taken out of service.

Another section of the parking lot has to be taken out of service due to the progress of work related to the reconstruction of the heat pipeline on Meissner Street.

Replacement parking

Replacement parking is located at 6 Pilots Street – Castorama (spaces on the side of Młyńska Street) and on Pilots Street opposite Pilot Tower on the closed section of the road.  

The work is expected to be completed by the end of May.

More information.

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Additional stops “Olsza II”

Additional stops “Olsza II” will be designated in the area of the Polsad traffic circle for bus lines 129, 138, 159 and 172.

We kindly inform you that as of 20/04/2024 (Saturday), additional stops will be designated in connection with the construction of the KST IV streetcar line:

  • Olsza II 02 for lines 138 and 172 in the direction of Kombinat;
  • Olsza II 72 for line 129 in the direction of Czyżyny Station;
  • Olsza II 74 for line 159 in the direction of Osiedle Piastów.

Below is a map with the update.

Source: ZTP Krakow

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Closure of parking along Meissner 4 and 6 buildings

Beginning next Tuesday, April 16, work will begin on the reconstruction of a heat pipeline on Meissnera Street. Due to the works, the parking lot along Meissnera buildings 4 and 6 will be temporarily out of service. Replacement parking for residents, will be located at 6 Pilotów Street – Castorama and on Pilotów Street opposite Pilot Tower on the closed section of the road. 

The reconstruction of an underground heat pipeline network is a complex process that requires precise planning and coordination of activities. The work is carried out in stages, taking into account the highest safety standards. 

Once the new elements are completed, rewiring is carried out, followed by the dismantling of the old infrastructure. Underground networks are mainly placed under sidewalks, parking lots, bicycle paths and in green belts. This allows easy access to the installations during repair or maintenance work. In the case of repairs, this does not require disturbing the road surface, which minimizes disruption to traffic.

What exactly are the difficulties that residents will face? 

In connection with the works, the parking lot at 4 and 6 Meissner Street will be successively closed as the works progress. The area that will be affected by the works first is marked on the graphic. 

Replacement parking

Replacement parking is located at 6 Pilots Street – Castorama (spaces on the side of Młyńska Street) and on Pilots Street opposite Pilot Tower on the closed section of the road.  

The work will last until the end of May.

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Summary of work in March

We have completed the ninth month of work on the construction of the streetcar line to Mistrzejowice. Significant progress has been made on work concentrated on the area of the “Polsad Roundabout” station and on the reconstruction of the Dominican River canal. What else have we managed to complete?

Intensive work on the reconstruction of the Dominican Sudo has been going on all month. More than 200 meters of new channel have already been made. More.

In connection with the construction of the new course of the Dominican Sudol as part of the Tram to Mistrzejowice project, another stage of temporary traffic organization was introduced on March 16. There were closures and narrowing of road lanes, along with new traffic geometry in the area of Młyńska and Miechowity streets. More.

On March 14 and 28, a session of the Construction Council was held, attended by representatives of the Private Partner and Local Government Entities, including the Councils of Districts III Prądnik Czerwony and XV Mistrzejowice, and interested residents. 

On March 14, a field meeting was held between representatives of the Board of Roads of the City of Cracow, the City Traffic Engineer, the Public Transport Authority, the contractor and the public. Solutions to meet the needs of residents in terms of temporary traffic organization stage 2.4 were discussed and approved.

The progressive work on the tunnel has reached its scope to the northern shield of the Polsad Roundabout crossing the flyover. In March, the sinking of diaphragm walls at the “Rondo Młyńskie” station and the KST turnout chamber also began.  Along Krzeslawicka Street, track substructure work began.

This month, an educational meeting was held with students from the Krakow University of Technology. We also conducted workshops for children titled “Little Masters – Tram to Mistrzejowice” at the School-Kindergarten Complex with Integrated Departments in Przeginia Duchowna.

What will happen in April?

At the end of the month, it is planned to implement temporary traffic organization stage 3.0. The changes will concern the closure of the western roadway of Meissner Street on the section from Chalupnik Street to Śliczna Street.

Preparations are underway to begin earthworks for the track bed in the area of Mistrzejowice Loop.

We will continue works related to the Dominican Reservoir, which include, among other things, further installation of prefabricated elements and construction of the by-pass of the northern chamber. As in previous months, the reconstruction of underground networks will continue.

Below is a video documenting the ninth month of work:

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Planned water shutdowns

We would like to inform you that on the night of April 9th, 2024, from 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM, due to planned maintenance on the water supply network, there will be a temporary interruption in water supply.

The shutdown will include buildings number 34 B and 38 on Lublańska Street.

We apologize for the difficulties. Official information: Waterworks of the City of Krakow

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